6 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Slacker Moms

If you’re like me you may not be very Martha Stewart and you’re the mom who always signs up to bring napkins and paper plates to class parties (or maybe in tomorrow’s case for my 2nd grader – cheese cubes – ahem). Easy peasy!

Fear not!  You can still get your crafty mom on if that’s your thing. Thankfully Pinterest has made it easier (or more insane…however you choose to look at it) to find fun holiday ideas. I made cute Halloween cupcakes a la Pinterest last fall and my older daughter couldn’t believe I actually made them. I say it’s always a good thing to shake your kids up a bit, right? Keep ’em guessing.

Here are a few Valentine’s Day ideas I’ve found that are sweet and sane if you’re still looking for cute ways to get your Cupid on.

Six Valentine’s Day Ideas for Slacker Moms

Clockwise from top:

  1. You Make My Heart Pop free bubbles wrap printable from Love Stitched
  2. Valentine’s Day printable for framing from The Bonjour Family
  3. Personalized You Rock theme Valentine’s from The Celebration Shoppe
  4. Starburst “Bursting With Happiness” printable from Happy Clippings (she also has a cute and easy Valentine’s printable for pencils)
  5. Dollar Store kazoo Valentine’s from Plucky Momo
  6. Candy robots from Making Memories With Your Kids (such a cute way to use up any leftover candy you have in your house)

And as a bonus, I have to share this White Trash Chex mix recipe from Cooking With K because it looks yummy and how can you resist a recipe with a white trash theme?


  1. Sherry Smothermon-Short says:

    Cute ideas! I also saw a “Chocolate Emergency Kit” on Making Memories With Your Kids that was so adorable! I’m making them for our teachers.

    Thanks for the link!!

  2. Vicki says:

    I honestly was just thinking it was time to go out with all of the other late losers to find something (anything!) for the girls for Valentine’s. I just got a card in the mail this morning to my mom. I am hopeless!

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