Southern Snow Day

Southern Snow

We woke to snow, quietly falling and softly blanketing our Saturday morning. Hubby woke me up at 7 and said, “Come look.” I didn’t have my glasses on but he said, “You won’t need them!”

It doesn’t snow much in Nashville so waking to snow covered lawns and cars and slushy roads is like a gift. And yes dragging out the sleds, the boots, the mittens, and the gear and dealing with a pile of soggy laundry for one hour of fun is SO WORTH IT. This is the stuff that childhood memories are made of and yes it’s worth all the effort for a fleeting moment of fun. Southern snow, like a low-humidity day in June, is a gift.

Because Mother Nature is a fickle thing here in the South I knew our snow fun would be short-lived so we headed out to enjoy our winter wonderland. I’ll admit that part of me was warm and comfy inside in my sweats and drinking my coffee by the fire. But I’m so glad I decided to put on my boots and join in on sledding and snowball fights because by mid-day the snow was all gone.

Have you had much snow where you live?


  1. Jamie@SouthMainMuse says:

    We haven’t had any yet this year. We are a little farther south though. This will make the second year in a row with no snow — but we’ve had it fall late as mid-March so we’ve still got a month or so. Great Ladybird quote.

  2. shamelessly sassy says:

    Nashville is one of my favorite cities on earth. But hearing that snow doesn’t come frequently puts it even higher up on my list!

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