10 Things You Won’t Hear Moms Say About Christmas Break

I mentioned on Facebook this morning that my girls were back at school. Yes it was that noteworthy.

I love my girls but we were all ready to get back to a normal routine. I mean even the dogs were looking at us like, what’s going on? Why are you short and loud people home so much?

To pay homage to this momentous day, I’ve put together a list of 10 Things You Won’t Hear Moms Say About Christmas Break.

  1. We need more plastic battery-operated toys in this house, preferably really noisy ones with questionable volume control.
  2. I didn’t make it to Starbucks once.
  3. I wish I could have untwisted just one more plastic tie from packaging Christmas morning.
  4. ย I lost 5 pounds!
  5. I’m really bummed that Santa didn’t bring a puppy because that’s just what we need around here–ANOTHER dog.
  6. Why didn’t I just let the kids stayย  up until midnight EVERY night and not just New Year’s Eve?
  7. Legos, Polly Pocket stilettos, and Hex Bugs. What we need around here are more miniscule toys that hurt like heck when you step on them in bare feet!
  8. I wish that Elf on a Shelf thing went on all year long…can’t get enough of that wacky elf and his antics.
  9. I feel so rested and refreshed after Christmas break, it’s like I’ve been at a spa.
  10. Why can’t school be out another week, darn it?

So, when do your kids go back to school? And is there anything you’d add to my list?


  1. OneMommy says:

    LOL — Love it! Mine don’t go to school yet, but I can still relate to quite a few of these…. All those toys with itty-bitty parts… and the noisy one! ๐Ÿ™‚

    stopping in from SITS

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