(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: He Knows If You’ve Been Bad Or Good

My 7-year-old Miss A was practicing her Christmas songs last night and promptly removed this guy from his perch on our piano…”Mom, no offense but this Santa creeps me out.”

My evil eye retro Santa, which was my maternal grandmother’s, will kick your wimpy Elf on a Shelf’s BUTT.


  1. Blonde Mom says:

    Cyn, I am keeping him OUT of the bedrooms at night! 😉

    He’s in the kitchen right now and that seems to be the least creepy stalking, I mean watching, area.

    This dude is FIERCE. He’s got to be 50 years old now and look how awesome he still looks!

  2. Balisha says:

    He’s over 50 yrs. I had one of these and way back then…it creeped me out too. Finally his head started to get loose, wobble, and hang down.He had crayon marks on his face…his fur coat started to wear off..(one of our dogs loved it) so it got tossed. So happy to see him again…this time…at your house!

  3. Jamie says:

    Jamie my big bro is 50 and I know he had this guy when he was little! Santa’s in remarkable shape. I think it’s because he’s so evil looking that no one ever touches him.

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