Wordless Wednesday: Ponies and Princesses

Both my girls were out of school yesterday and I spent my day off work chauffering them around town per usual but they had a blast! (Don’t worry…I voted early). Miss C went horseback riding for the first time and Miss A went to a dress up rock star birthday party.

Speaking of princesses, I’m giving away a special collector’s edition of Disney/Pixar’s Brave on my review and shopping blog so check it out!


  1. Jennifer Young says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! My daughters went to a birthday party with a pony last month, rode a pony and the petting zoo, and are going to another birthday party with 3 ponies this weekend. They love horses so they’ve been super excited! 🙂

  2. Norah Steeg says:

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  3. Cheryl W. says:

    I love your little girl’s hair. I like doing my little girls in different braids as well. Oh and I have a black and white paint that looks like the one in the bottom right-hand corner. I LOVE HORSES!

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