Channeling Martha Stewart: My Kids Were Afraid, Very Afraid

What’s scarier than the most frightening horror flick? When your non-crafty mom goes and starts channeling Martha Stewart. You might wonder if she’s been abducted by aliens, gone insane, or secretly being filmed for a reality TV show called “They Brainwashed My Mother and I Don’t Know Who She is Any More But I Kind of Like Her.”

I decided to surprise the girls and make use of my Pinterest addiction this Halloween. I gave our front door a monster makeover while they were at school.

Miss C got home from school Halloween afternoon, took one look at these cupcakes I’d made and said, “You made these? I don’t believe it.” She then shrugged, grabbed one, and inhaled it. Now I’m probably screwed because I’ve raised the holiday bar higher than ever.

Channeling My Inner Martha Stewart at Halloween

As you can see, we went for the soft and cuddly look this Halloween.

How was your Halloween?


  1. Jennifer Dysart says:

    Those cupcakes and kiddos are so adorable! My halloween was good, very realxing, no shenanigans 🙂

  2. Stephanie Neely says:

    I know several people who rave about pinterest….I’ve never been on it because I’m sure I’ll become addicted! Love your Halloween projects!

  3. heather c says:

    Love the door and the cupcakes. I made pinterest things, too, specifically vamp’o’lanters and an eyeball picture frame.

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