Stop! Zombie Time (No Really…STOP IT)

Can you believe October is already half way over? Even more unbelievable is the fact that our house has been decorated for Halloween since October 3.

Who am I again? (Normally I am not this on the ball when it comes to Halloween decorations.)

I blame this unprecedented domestic ambition on being a work at home mom this fall and being high on caffeine all the time…or at least until noon.

Speaking of being high, my girls are SO jazzed about Halloween. I just wish they weren’t slowly moving toward the ghoulish and garish side of Halloween which makes me think of a parental pet peeve. All you parents who complain about your daughters liking princesses would you PLEASE FREAKING STOP ALREADY?

Because once the tulle and the tiaras are retired, see what you have to look forward to?


My 7-year-old wants to be the grim reaper for Halloween and my 10-year-old is going to dress up like a zombie soccer player.


I think the “dark days” of Halloween costumes started two years ago with the donning of a werewolf mask so oversized Miss A could have curled up in a ball inside it and taken a nap and the black goth fairy costume that Miss C wore.

It’s time to start eating copious amounts of Halloween candy and fantasize about dressing Zoey the dog up as a princess. She’s my last hope for a girly girl Halloween fix.

I may or may not be on the downhill slide toward becoming that crazy dog lady who dresses her dog up for Halloween and going out for  a walk…every day of the year.

What are your kids going to be for Halloween? And let’s not forget the family dog, right?


  1. Synnove @ Don't Chew On The DInner Table! says:

    I’m guessing the boy will be someone who wears spandex and saves the day… and baby girl will be whatever I tell her to be because she is one and, dernit, I am going to work this as longs as I can because eventually she won’t WANT pink and sparkly. She will want whatever her brother is doing. Great. More red/blue/silver spandex.

  2. Jamie says:

    Synnove, YES YES at one you can dress your kid up as whatever you, I mean THEY (cough), want. Go for the pink and sparkly while you can! 😉

  3. Tory Thompson says:

    Annabel is going as the (predictable) intrepid archer, Merida. Caleb is going as a public service announcement: he has a “car accident” makeup kit, complete with imbedded glass shards, and will be wearing a bloody T-shirt with the warning “X the TXT”.

  4. Theresa says:

    My girls (14 yo twins) are going as zombies. How original. My Standard poodle however, will be a ballerina in pink, with tutu and doggy toe shoes. Yes, really. My little male mutt is going as a biker in leather and jeans. Real dog jeans, with a hole for his tail! Can’t have fun with the kids, have fun with the dogs!

  5. heather says:

    My kids are too tender hearted to want scary costumes yet – I’m enjoying it! The scariest we’ve had was a very tame vampire a few years ago.

    I can handle the gory stuff better than the mini-hoochie-wear costumes I fear my daughter will one day want to buy…

  6. Paige says:

    I second the call to stop any and all princess complaining! I have been to the Halloween store and it ain’t pretty people! Embrace the glittery. Go for the poufy pink. My daughter is three and she “chose” to be a sparkly butterfly. Yes her other options were all sparkly and girly as well but that’s beside the point. I let her choose! All the scary neighborhood kids kinda freaked her (heck- me too) out last year with their bloody masks and leaking brains. Enough already!
    And I love your recent trend of titles reminiscent of songs- the songs worm their way into my consciousness and refuse to be ignored! Very cool!

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