Tweens, Teens and Digital Drama

My older daughter just started middle school and just a few minutes into orientation I knew this experience was going to be so different from her elementary school days. We’ve moved beyond what type pencils and crayons to buy for her classroom to topics like cell phone use at school and bullying. Many of her friends already have their own cell phones and this just adds a whole new element of responsibility and decision making to the tween years.

This parenting thing isn’t always for the faint of heart is it? Tweens, teens and digital drama is a new reality for parents theses days.

I can already tell that the drama factor is going to increase each year she gets closer to being a teenager. As she embarks on middle school and, eventually, high school, she’s going to be dealing with another sort of drama — digital drama — things like cyber bullying and classmates using social media to be hurtful. Technology has opened up so many new scenarios that I did not deal with when I was 10! I still remember talking to friends on our avocado green wall-mount kitchen phone and stretching the cord as far as it would go. I’m dating myself, aren’t I? Being a huge fan of digital media myself, I want her and her little sister to use technology wisely.

As a mom to two amazing daughters, I am proud to be working with Dove again this year to help promote their self-esteem campaign for girls. Dove has a fantastic online toolkit full of resources and one of the most helpful is the Girl’s Guide to the Digital World, which covers the vast array of topics that will hit home for her in middle and high school.

Technology is always evolving, but what won’t ever change is the positive role that support and encouragement plays in helping girls face tough issues with confidence.

Have your tweens or teens encountered any digital drama?

Disclosure: Dove is compensating me for my role as blog ambassador. Read the first and second posts of this series.


  1. Cat York says:

    My daughter accidentally forwarded a video with a swear word in it. The BIG swear word. She didn’t notice it til her sister pointed it out. I found her in her closet making silent vows to never send another video again. She took it harder than anyone else. It was a good learning experience about sending only links to/from approved contacts.

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