Screen Time: She Gets it Honest

There’s a 7-year-old underneath this gamer girl pillow fort…I swear.

For two technologically savvy parents, hubby and I are not as strict about screen time as we should be. I’ll wave the bad mom card and admit that summer slothdom took over any lofty ideas I had of scheduled outings and crafts and enrichment activities once July 4th rolled around. You fellow parental types know how it goes over summer break. By the time it’s half way over you reach a “eh, whatever” mentality and as long as your kids aren’t trying to kill each other, you relish the peace and quiet of home, even if it means that everyone in the house is basking in the peaceful glow of some technical gadget. Now that school’s back in session, though, I have had a few moments where I’ve threatened to go all Amish on the girls and take away all electronic devices…for the day. (SHUDDER.)

Miss A  has recently discovered the joy of email and I can honestly tolerate a little overindulgence with that because she’s writing very cute 7-year-old emails to family. Being an email addict myself (I have four different email accounts….cough), I can understand the appeal.

Late yesterday we were all pretty worn out after a hot day at the soccer fields and I issued the early bedtime and no screen time decree.

But mom, what if I have a new email?” Miss A pleaded. I knew she was itching to fire up the laptop as soon as we got home.

“Sorry kiddo, it will have to wait until tomorrow after school.” And then, in an effort to not be a total techno hypocrite, I made sure my phone and laptop were both turned off by 9 o’clock and then I had a glass of wine and turned on my Kindle.

Wait a minute. Oh the irony…

Do you have screen time limits for your kids? How does that work at your house?

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  1. Tabor says:

    IF I had young kids at home there would be limits. With my grandchildren there is lots of balance. Outdoor time, quiet time, WII time and book time. Nothing in excess.

  2. Tory Thompson says:

    I did what a friend of mine did and established Media Sticks. Each one represents 30 minutes of screen time, any screen, except for Kindle cuz that’s actually READING. They each got 6 per day (which seemed rather generous of me, ahem) for the summer days.

  3. Raquel@2dayswoman says:

    I have been waaaay to relaxed on screen time, especially in the holidays and on rainy days. I do tell my kids to play outside AND read some of their book before they can have screen time. Often they have such a good time playing outside that they forget about screen time, but I’m guessing this will change when they get older 🙂
    Love that photo….so funny..

  4. claudia davis says:

    If I had young kids, well, even older kids, there would need to be limits. Being stuck in front of a computer screen is so bad on your back and eyes. Trust me…I know.

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