(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: First Day of School!

My sweet 2nd grader Miss A and 5th grader Miss C (middle school…ack!)

See last year’s first day photo here, which I always manage to remember to snap in the same exact spot from year to year. Go me! I may not scrapbook but I somehow remember to keep this first day tradition intact.

When is the first day of school for your kids or grandkids?


  1. Raquel@2dayswoman says:

    Hi Jamie – That’s such a great idea to take photo’s each year! I’ll have to steal this idea (if you don’t mind 🙂 )
    Miss C looks so much more ‘grown up’ from last years photo. Wishing her all the best for middle school and wishing YOU all the best for her first day. First days are always a bit special as you realize how quickly they grow up….

  2. Blonde Mom says:

    We started REALLY early this year in Davidson County, however with our new schedule we will have a fall break and a two-week spring break. I’m hoping we’ll be beach bound! The girls were really ready to start back to school, though, and I was ready for some “solo mama time!” Still trying to get used to our new staggered drop off and pick up schedule, though…middle school starts an hour later than elementary school. It’s too bad I can’t just go to Starbucks every morning! 😉

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