Kids Unplugged: Brutally Honest Beauty Edition

Kids have a wonderful talent for not sugarcoating things. And honesty is the best policy, right? New parents be prepared to check your ego at the door. Kids love to tell it like it is. Or maybe it’s just my kids.

Earlier this week I was feeling all sassy after getting my hair cut and colored. I had an ego-centric moment and posted a picture to Instagram. Sometimes a good hair day is all you need to feel like you can conquer the world. Can I get an Amen?

Later that afternoon I was in the bathroom and Miss A walked by, glanced at me, wrinkled up her nose and asked, “Did you get a hairdo?”

Her voice was veiled in disgust. She might as well have been asking, “Did you get a third eyeball?”

“Yes I did…do you not like it?”

“No…” she squinted and shook her head like she couldn’t quite put her finger on why she didn’t like it.

“Is it too fancy?” I cocked my head and waited.


Kid if you only knew how much hair maintenance grown women go through, I thought to myself. My good hair day would not be ruined!

I needed to run errands with the girls in tow later that day and as we pulled out of the drive I pulled the rear view mirror down to glance at my hair. Without skipping a beat, Miss C said, “Mom, you’ve got pit stains! Ewwww!” I was wearing a bright blue tank top and since it was hotter than Hades out my deodorant just wasn’t cutting it. My good hair day ego deflated just a tad, like a balloon slowly leaking air. Still, I glanced in the mirror. My hair had not yet wilted or frizzed out. Mama was looking good. Oh yeah. No pit stain remark would tear down my fortress of good hair euphoria!

That night as hubby and I lay in bed reading, content in the fact that Miss A was sound asleep and Miss C was reading in her room, I was jolted back into mom duty as Miss C bounded into the bedroom and plopped on the bed. “Mom, I am really excited about middle school. Can we talk about it?”

“Sure, but you really need to get to sleep.”


I waited for her to ask a serious about to embark on the grand adventure of middle schooldom question.

“you have ARMPIT HAIR!”

My hair, my armpits, and my armpit hair have never gotten so much attention in one day.



  1. Au Pair says:

    The best thing about all this is that no matter how you look like or how many comments they make during one day, their frankness and spontaneous statements however fierce they are, are not meant to hurt you, because your girls still love you anyway 🙂

  2. Katharina says:

    Thank you for the smile today (sorry it had to be at the ego’s expense, 🙂 but it was a really hectic morning and those comments from your precious girls made a smile pop up!) Made me think of some of things *my* daughter has come up with over the years, too!
    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. HollyO says:

    My nine year old is worried that her thighs are fat. She’s practically a clone of me, so I told her that when she insults her thighs, she insults my thighs! I hate to see the negative body issues so early.

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