Recognize Her! Dove’s Women Who Should Be Famous Campaign

Who do young girls look up to? Chances are its someone famous but there are so many incredible women in our lives who deserve to have their names up in lights!

As a mom to two girls it is so important to me to try my best to be a positive role model for my girls. I am thrilled to work with Dove once again to help promote their programs, such as this year’s Women Who Should Be Famous initiative.

Here are some interesting statistics from Dove about young girls and role models:

·      More than four million girls around the world do not have a role model

·      Only four percent of girls look to world leaders or business leaders as role models

My older daughter is starting middle school this fall and I know that the peer pressure factor is going to be even greater than ever. I want her to be confident and know she has strong, supportive women in her life. My mom has always told me I could do anything and I hope I instill that same confidence in Miss C! I want her to know she can always pick up the phone and call me and talk about her dreams and her worries. Even when she’s in her 20s and on her own after college I hope we have a strong bond. Americans can be obsessed with celebrity worship when it comes to pop culture and Hollywood, but it’s the real women in our lives who are really there for us when we  pick up the phone or need a hug.

Is there a special woman in your life who deserves to be recognized? Dove has launched a fun “Recognize Her” app on the official Dove Facebook page which sends a spotlight to your friends’ timeline with the option to add your own special personalized message.

We all have special family members, mentors, coaches, teachers, co-workers, or friends who serve as inspiring role models. This is your chance to recognize them on Facebook for all they do and also instill the important message of strong role models for girls. And think about it, isn’t that better than a Poke or a request to play a goofy game?

What are you waiting for? Go “Recognize Her!” What special woman in your life totally deserves to have her name up in lights? And be sure to mark your calendar for October 5 when you’re invited to join the third annual Dove Self-Esteem weekend where you can help make a difference in a girl’s life!

Disclosure: Dove is compensating me for my role as blog ambassador. Read the first installment of this series here.


  1. says:

    Oh yes, you can do anything, the door is wide open for you at this time and tell your little girls the same thing.
    My main encourager was my grandmother and a day does not go by
    that I remember her and other strong women who have been in my life.
    I have 4 beautiful granddaughter’s and words of encouragement will
    always come out of my mouth for them.

  2. sarah says:

    I love this so much! As a mother of two boys and one girl, I worry so much more about my girl and who she will look up to one day. I am going to put someone in the spotlight right now. Thank you for sharing this and for being a part of it.

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