Juvenile Delinquency And Other Themes We Ignore When Kids Play Peacefully

It’s all fun and games until you realize these innocent looking dollhouse figurines are total juvenile delinquents.

About two days into summer break my girls were already chanting that mantra every parent dreads…I’M BORED. File this under things your kids say that make you insane like the classic “Are we there yet?” on a road trip when you haven’t even crossed the county line or “I’m HUNGRY” a half hour after dinner.

We had a yard sale at the beginning of summer and I ended up carting all the rejects off to Goodwill, except for a few big ticket items I am determined to sell, come hell or high bidder on eBay. One of those items is a gorgeous wooden dollhouse, fully furnished and packing enough wow factor to knock the Hello Kitty socks off any little girl…except for mine.  At 7 and 10 my girls are apparently too cool to play with a dollhouse any more.

Post-yard sale I was boxing everything up to donate when the girls suddenly took notice of the dollhouse and how dusty it was after months of sitting untouched. They volunteered to clean it and trust me any time your kids volunteer to clean you better let them ride that pony into the sunset.

While I was in the next room I overheard them begin to play with the little wooden dollhouse family figurines. I was having a happy mom moment, relishing the fact that they were not only playing peacefully together but that, well, they were playing and using their imaginations and not sitting like zombies watching TV or fighting over my laptop. That is until I overheard one of the girls say in a stern parental type voice, “That’s IT! You are so going to juvey!”

Awesome. Proud moment mom bubble officially busted. I asked them where they heard about juvey and they replied, “SCHOOL.”

If juvenile delinquency is the theme that keeps them playing peacefully I guess I’m OK with it. Plus it kind of pales next to the summer of pole dancing at the pool.


  1. Patricia P says:

    That’s so funny! My daughter and her friends tend to play that they’re orphans, and my boys have always been fond of shoot em up type games, so I wouldn’t worry too much. Kids just like to add some excitment to their play.

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