A Brief Conversation Big On Gas

We had a major case of Miss Contrary yesterday. Hubby took the afternoon off and despite a couple of great sounding suggestions for lunch out with the girls, Miss A was blasé about it all. She laid on the couch and was, in general, not a happy camper. Things eventually disintegrated into an apocalyptic meltdown, the likes we hadn’t experienced seen in years, or maybe last month when I had PMS.

We all ended up going to my sister’s pool yesterday afternoon and as soon as Miss A jumped in the water she climbed out and came running to me with the familiar happy sparkle in her eye. Maybe a little sunshine and chlorine was all she needed to fight her funk.

“Mom, guess how many times I’ve burped today?” she asked, dripping all over me and the hot pavement and grinning.

I leaned in closer. This was going to be good. My girls are not big on burp talk.

“How many?”

“NINE…I’ve been counting.”

And with that she jumped right back in the pool.

No wonder she had been all out of sorts that morning.


  1. Tory Thompson says:

    I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear that I am not the only girl’s Mom with this issue! Annabel has been cracking some major burpage lately, and I am appalled at her lack of ladylike-ness.

    I blame my Mom. She’s the one that taught my kids to burp the alphabet!

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