Savoring Summer One Bucket List Item At A Time

My girls at the pool last summer…one of our favorite ways to wile away a hot day.

Summer is sneaky. It begins with a languid stretch of relatively unscheduled days, but one by one the unfettered hours give way to activities and errands and before you know it the smell of new school supplies replaces the smell of sun and chlorine.

This summer I have vowed not to fritter our summer away with idle talk of things we’ll do but find ourselves not making time for by the time school starts back. I’m pretty well an authorized expert on talking (possibly on an international level…ha) but I’ve found myself with the unexpected gift of unscheduled time this summer and the girls and I have places to go and things to do that are on their bucket lists.

Miss A and I laid in her bed last night and we discussed her summer list of must dos. Miss C is still high from her 10th birthday celebrationpalooza last week to focus on the actual rest of summer, or maybe all the sugar has just gone to her head. Any way, here are Miss A’s must dos:

Visit the Frist Center downtown

Eat breakfast at Pfunky Griddle

Yoga (girl has a wicked headstand and I’ve got the footprints on our sliding glass door to prove it)


Have a girls’ night out at the movies (we are going to catch Madagascar 3 and I’ve threatened to get a rainbow afro wig and wear it to school if they misbehave this summer)

Get a math workbook and do math problems…that’s right. My kid wants to do math over summer break.

I am totally on board with her on all of these must dos, except for the last one which would never appeal to me in any season, hot or cold, unless one heck of a cold front moves through hell.

What’s on your summer bucket list with your kids?


  1. Mandi @ the Sassy Fit Mom says:

    Great bucket list items for the summer you have there– I too plan to take my daughter to see Madagascar 3. We also have a cuple of water parks on the list as well as the President Clinton library that’s 20 minutes from our house and we’ve never been.. smh.

    Thanks for sharing your bucket list.

    Mandi, theSassyFitMom

    • Jamie says:

      My girls love history and are super interested in presidential history, especially, so they’d be all over the presidential library.

      Thanks for sharing your list…I have a feeling Madagascar 3 is on a lot of must dos for families this summer! My sister is taking them to see Brave, the new Disney princess flick. 🙂

  2. Maggie @ Greatest Moms says:

    I love summers. I always make a list of things that I want to do. Organizing my closet always makes the list, but somehow it seems to be forgotten. All I really want for summer is for my son to be happy.

  3. Lily @ Luv Mommy says:

    I’m lucky enough to work from home, but when summers comes, I have to organize my days well. I always seem to find my weekends full of work. It’s tough. Thank you for your post. It reminded me to make time for my little guy despite trying to balance work and family

  4. Megan says:

    What a great idea! I was just thinking we actually need to have some “plans” this summer. I think we’ll sit down and write a list. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. Amy says:

    You are absolutely right…summers seem to begin with the illusion of an unlimited number of days to enjoy but next thing you know the letters come in the mail telling us which teachers our children have been assigned to. The older my children get (and it seems ours are very close in age…mine are 7 & 9) the FASTER the summers whizz by…almost taunting me with the reminder of how few summers actually remain before they are off to college. I know, I know, it sounds like an exaggeration but truly…there are only 9 summers left for me with my daughter and 11 with my son. Taking into consideration that at some point…say when they turn 13 or so…that it won’t be as cool to spend summer time with Mama…I’m reduced to 4 or 5 blissful summers with my daughter and 5 or 6 with my son…eeekkkkk!!! You’ve convinced me, it’s time to make a bucket list for our summer;) Great blog!!!

  6. Pinay WAHM Blogger says:

    I’d say I’m going to add exploring the outdoors to my summer list because I think I also need a break. LOL. Anyway, it’s great that you still included some academic aspect to your summer bucket list. Of course, summer means winding up for the coming hectic school days but it’s always better to keep everyone on track. 🙂

  7. Emily says:

    Wow~ I love math too but I don’t do it in summer.
    That’s great to know that your kids enjoyed Math even summer.
    They must be really clever.

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