Girl Power Activate! Dove, Girl Scouts Rock The Mall In D.C. This Weekend

Middle school?! ACK!

It’s tough for me to wrap my brain around this, but my older daughter has not only entered the realm of double digits, but she’s about to embark on the wild, wonderful world known as middle school, fraught with hormones, peer pressure, stinky/scary gym lockers, and the even scarier battles of self-esteem. “How’d I do on that test? Is my friend mad at me? Did I play my best in soccer this weekend?

As a mom to two girls I don’t take this role model thing lightly. I have always worked toward instilling in both my girls the importance of believing, and standing up, for themselves. Can I live up to be the role model they need for me to be? It’s a constant challenge. I’m not a perfect mom by any means but I start every day new and knowing that they need me to believe in them so they will believe in themselves.

I’m so proud to be working with Dove once again this year as a blog ambassador to help spread the world about their Dove Self Esteem Weekend in October. The campaign gets off to a rockin’ start at the Rock the Mall event Saturday in Washington, D.C. with the Girl Scouts, who are celebrating their 100th anniversary. Both my girls are Girl Scouts and it’s been such a wonderful organization for building their confidence and instilling in them an appreciation for leadership, service, and friendship.

Be sure to check out Dove’s Facebook live stream of this awesome event from noon to 4 Saturday, June 9! If you have daughters, you won’t want to miss it!

Do you have daughters in Girl Scouts or other organizations that help build their self-esteem? How important do you think it is for girls to have role model? I’m also a big believer in organized sports…I’ve logged in a LOT of hours as a soccer mom!


Disclosure: Dove is compensating me for my role as blog ambassador.



  1. Jody H says:

    What a great program. I’m very impressed with Dove. I’ll have to see if they’re doing it in my area.

  2. Aiza says:

    Lovely! that was really a girl power, I also want to be part of that program so I can bring along my beautiful kids. When and where will be the next event? Thank you to your response.!

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