Personal Shopping With Tog And Porter

Back in my pre-kid days shopping for clothes was recreational sport and I knew how to flex my retail muscles. I had time to spend browsing in stores without glancing at my watch and thinking, “oh CRAP I’ve got to go!” Leisurely trying things on in the dressing room is a thing of the past (although with bathing suit season upon us that is not always a bad thing. I’m just sayin’.)

Enter Tog and Porter, a personal stylist service that knows how hard it can be for today’s busy woman to find clothes that make them look and feel incredible. They hook you up with your own personal stylist who consults with you via Skype and they send you a fun box of designer items specially selected for you. You keep the pieces that you love and return the ones you don’t. Shopping for busy women made super easy? I am a fan!

Tog and Porter stylist Camilla, who was both super personable and seemed to “get” my style instantly,” and I chatted via Skype. I told Camilla that I tend to wear solids and avoid prints (because I am Hobbit short), I rarely wear heels (because I am Lucille Ball klutzy), I love classic clothing and pops of bright color, and I love fun accessories. I also sent Camilla a link to my Pinterest fashion board.

A week or so later a box arrived from Tog and Porter. It was so much fun to see on my doorstep ya’ll! I felt like a celebrity, getting to work with a stylist. Such a treat…the fashion fairy had paid me a visit. Yes!

I ended up keeping three tops and one dress that Camilla personally selected for me. A couple of items just didn’t work (such as a really cute pair of TOMS ballet flats…sniff) and I returned them. But again, that’s the beauty of working with a Tog and Porter stylist. You keep only the items you want after trying them on in the comfort of your own home.

This fun sheer Trinity top is a gorgeous tangerine color that is HOT this summer. I’ve received compliments each time I’ve worn it. I’ve paired it with white pants as well as dark wash skinny jeans and layered it over a white tank top. Now I just would like to find a fun white or turquoise statement necklace to wear with it.

Fun Trinity top that is my new summer wardrobe fave.

I also received and chose to keep two gorgeous sleeveless tops that Camilla had selected for me. One in a beautiful deep fuschia purple shade and one in a cobalt blue. Gorgeous, deep rich colors.

The big wow factor for me was this “high/low” hem (which is popular right now) Kelly green dress with a fun orange pattern, also from Trinity, which is available on Piperlime. Camilla told me she likes to add something for her clients that is a bit unexpected and I honestly was pleasantly surprised to like this dress on me. I shy away from prints but this is such a fun (not to mention comfortable) dress! Now to find some cute orange heels to go with it!

So I’m no super model, but apparently my dog knows how to strike a pose. Photo bombed by the family pet!

Thanks Tog and Porter and thanks Camilla for a fun introduction to the beauty of working with a personal stylist. I’m sold! This is such a great idea for women on the go who love fashion but don’t always have time to power shop. Check out their blog and their Pinterest board for more fashion inspiration.

p.s. They offer gift cards…yea!

Have you ever worked with a personal stylist or shopper?

Disclosure: Tog + Porter provided me with a personal stylist session and clothing at no charge.


  1. shanon says:

    Jamie, you are one hot mama! Trying on awesome clothes in your own home. What an awesome idea! Do post more if you do it again:)

  2. Blonde Mom says:


    Thanks girl! It was so much fun to collaborate on getting me out of my fashion “rut!” 🙂

  3. Aleena says:

    I know this is the “parent” area but this is still Webkinz and due to many contests they have running, kids do come to these blogs because if you find a certain ad on the page, you fill out a form and win a prize. This takes a ton of time since Webkinz is very stingy with this stuff. Your blog seems to be one of the few that has this ad. I am sure you are a lovely person and mean this in the best way. …. but saying things like “oh crap” on the page of your blog and having a ton of alcohol references really doesn’t have a place on what is attached to a children’s site. I cobed through most all other blogs related to all sections of Webkinz Newz Parent area and yours is the only one with this. The kids are swarming all over these blogs and your page to find the ads. My suggestion is just to clean it up a bit at least while this prize thing is going on. My 9 year old pointed it out to me about the alcohol, asking “why is this lady talking about drinking so much on Webkinz?” Just my 2 cents. Also, you look terrific in that red blouse, it is a great color to go along with your hair. Thanks for listening. Aleena Corjetts

    • Jamie says:

      Thanks Liz! It’s one of those styles I would not think would look good on me (aka shorty) but I really love it and I love green.

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