Puppy Love

We’ve been puppy sitting for my nephew for the past several days while he’s been on his Vandy senior trip to Destin.

I wasn’t sure how much more 100 proof crazy I wanted to add to the crazy cocktail around here, but Bear the puppy has been a fun little guy to have around. My mom found him abandoned in the road near her house out in the country and my nephew ended up finally rescuing him.

We turned the leash back tonight. He’s been a lot of fun and he’s also reminded me why I’m OK with not having a puppy. They are adorable, but they are also a lot of work…kind of like babies (more on that later!)

Bear had a great visit with his two dog cousins and we took him with us this weekend to Bowling Green, Kentucky, for Miss C’s travel soccer tournament where he was very well behaved and got gobs of attention. The girls, not surprisingly, have loved having a puppy around. This must be a little glimpse at what it will be like some day (many days) to watch your grandchildren. You get all of the temporary fix of cuteness, minus all the long-term commitment stuff like potty training and explaining why you can’t eat popsicles for breakfast.

Tres Amigos – Bear, Zoey, and Jack

My Top 5 Ways Puppies are Just Like Babies:

1. They are total chick magnets.

Cute girls can’t get enough of puppies.

2. Being around them turns you into a poop stalker – when was the last poop, where was the last poop, was there anything odd consistency wise about said poop?

3. You watch them constantly to make sure they don’t eat anything weird. Mulch, crumbs on the kitchen floor, unsuspecting naked Barbies.

Barbie never knew what hit her.

4. You can’t believe how much energy they have as in “why aren’t you totally exhausted and SLEEPING by now?”

5. You can’t stop taking their picture to capture the cute.

 My job is to be completely adorable. Yours?

When was the last time you got y our puppy fix?


  1. Ernestine says:

    Bear, there you were in the middle of the road. Someone had just left you on the country road.
    You sat in my lap on the way to my home. You were probably 6 weeks old. I wanted to keep you
    but grandma is past the age of training another puppy. Have trained many and presently have a
    little rescue dog. So pleased my grandson fell in love with you and is training you. Happy Ending.

  2. Raquel says:

    He’s adorable, I can tatally understand you’ll immediately fall in love with him, I mean…just look at that face..Aaww! My daughters love one and promise me they’ll look after it, but I know it will be me doing all the looking after and I’m so not ready for that. Even though they are sooo damn CUTE!

    • Blonde Mom says:

      He is a sweetie. We already have two dogs and it’s hard enough to get the girls to feed and water them!!! 😉 Puppies are just so adorable, though.

  3. Jamie says:

    Puppy sitting. Cute dog withstanding, you are a saint, girl. You sound like you lead a very busy life and throw a pooping puppy into the mix? Oy vey. He is cute though — as all puppies. Hope your girls helped out.

  4. anonymous says:

    Bear is cute.. lucky too..
    I am a greta animal lover and I have pets starting from rabbits to dogs. I admit that its a hectic job to take care of your pets. But i’d say its worth it.
    All the best to Bear and rest of you..
    check this link.
    Good one for sharing your pet’s pictures.

  5. Shiela says:

    I really agreed~ puppies were really chick magnet.
    Its so nice to see those adorable puppies, I wish I can own one.
    Thanks for sharing!

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