You Have Now Entered The Spring Break Zone

Doo doo doo doo. Doo doo doo doo.

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to woman. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of woman’s fears and the summit of her knowledge that her children are going to be out of school for 6 days. It is an area which we call “The Spring Break Zone.”

Next week is officially spring break. It’s going to be one of those weird working parent weeks where hubby and I are working most of the week and I feel compelled to make it sort of fun and “spring breakish” for the girls minus the sunburn and air brushed tees.

Now you know we’re NOT all work and no play. That would just be wrong. We are taking a fun two-day trip to Chattanooga later next week and staying at the lovely Chattanoogan Hotel, but for the most part the girls will be hanging out at home with my mother-in-law or with my mom at her house in the country.

Let’s not discount the healing powers of sleeping in and no homework, though. I mean I am, at the very least, extremely grateful for no 4th grade math angst. Now that’s what I call a break. A break for a 42-year-old woman who breaks out in hives when asked to reduce fractions to their smallest terms.

Speaking of a break, I was updating our big family calendar yesterday when I noticed something as rare as a 9-year-old who loves homework…a TOTALLY BLANK SATURDAY.

Let’s just all pause for a moment, shall we?

That’s right folks. Tomorrow is completely unfettered with any event of any type. There are no soccer tournaments, no birthday parties, no Girl Scout functions.

This means we are going to do something really wild and crazy that you won’t even find on the strip in Panama City Beach…DUAL HAIRCUTS. I might even get my oil changed. WOOT!

Maybe I’ll get my tires rotated if I’m feeling especially sassy.


Since we just went to Disney World I consider that to have been our spring break vacation. At least that’s what I keep telling the girls every time they ask when we’re going to the beach.

Beach? We just went to DISNEY WORLD. Isn’t that like the beach times one thousand?

For the most part they are very easy to please kids, though. They got excited yesterday about a summer reading book list I printed. I’ll have to remember this when they’re 17 and bugging the crap out of me and the hubby to drive down to Florida unchaperoned with their friends.

“Girls remember when you just wanted to sleep in and read books on spring break?”

So what are your spring break plans? Anything wild and crazy like us? Oil changes? Sleeping in? Listening to old school Jimmy Buffett? Hair cuts? Come on…hit me with your crazy plans you wild and wacky spring breakers of 2012.


  1. Shell says:

    Ours starts next Friday. I’m sort of scared! Not sure what we are going to do. Enjoy no homework and not care if the boys run around in barefeet.

    • Blonde Mom says:

      No homework is HUGE! It will be so nice to take a break. I mean for the girls. Not me. Ahem. 😉 Have a good one!

  2. Ernestine says:

    Can’t wait to have them for the day.
    Wish they found my woods and Miss Callie
    more exciting
    would stay longer.
    I guess it is just their grandma’s speed 🙂

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