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Pinterest! It’s like Tim Gunn, Martha Stewart, Ryan Gosling, and Rachael Ray had a baby and you’re the favorite aunt who never has to change the diapers.

I have always loved visual boards any way and I remember making one in 1987 my senior year of high school, only it was filled with more neon and big hair and Seventeen magazine headlines. Just about every woman I know, from my mother-in-law to fellow soccer moms, is on Pinterest.

I’m on Pinterest as blondemomblog (I know…how original!)

Let me know your Pinterest name in the comments below and I’ll follow you! And if you need an invitation please let me know because the Pinterest…it should be shared.

Some Pinterest-related notes:

  • I’ve started a new Pinterest board for all things related to St. Pat’s
  • If you’re going to be staycationing for spring break (we will be for most of the week!), then you may want to check out my Mom I’m Bored Board
  • Because I am currently Disney World obsessed, I’ve started a Disney board

What kind of boards do you like to follow on Pinterest?

p.s. I’m in the middle of rebranding my review and giveaway blog to and I’ve got a GREAT new giveaway for GUESS sunglasses, just in time for summer. Three lucky readers will win! I’ve also partnered with Rue La La to help spread the word about a great new Little Rue boutique and created my first ever Polyvore board.


  1. MargieK says:

    I like to follow boards with easy, healthy recipes (but also delicious, decadent ones because such things should be OK in moderation, and it’s nice to have something scrumptious for a special occasion).
    Apart from food, I like things that are “clever,” be they time- or money-saving tips, new ways to use things you already have, or household storage ideas.
    I have another board just for beautiful landscapes (I love photography, especially nature), and am thinking I need a separate board for things that aren’t necessarily “landscapes,” but are beautiful or striking.
    Then I have a board for “words, words, words.” Funny sayings, clever, inspirational, wise — anything where the words are the subject (even if it’s a beautiful or funny photo in the background).
    “Yes, please” is a new board where I’ve pinned things I want or like for myself (a board where friends and family might find hints for birthday gifts 😉 ).
    I also have a few holiday boards, as I’ve collected cooking and decorating ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

    Hey, you asked!

      • MargieK says:

        Amazon recently changed thier “wish lists” that you can include things from other websites! I’ve used Amazon wish lists often when I need to shop for my sister (who’s far away on the east coast, so I don’t see very often) and her kids. She keeps a separate wish list for each child. And Amazon’s free shipping for purchases above $25 is a big help, too (no wrapping, mailing, or going to the post office!).

        I don’t think my sis is on Pinterest yet; so far the only family member that I know of is my daughter-in-law. If they haven’t joined Pinterest, they aren’t going to think to look at your/my “Yes, please” board — but more and more people are joining so that will be less and less of a “problem.”

  2. Jessica Kelley says:

    I am jmillerkelley

    I mainly pin crafty ideas like things to do with kids, things to make for kids, and scrapbook pages.

    I’ve had a bunch of men that I’m acquainted with professionally start following me on Pinterest, and it seems so odd, because most everything I see pinned is more appealing for women, generally (recipes, fashion, crafts). I checked out a couple of the men’s boards, and they have just 1 or 2 things pinned so far. I think they’re just joining because it’s the big, new thing in social media, so to be savvy, they need to be there!

    • Jamie says:

      Jessica, I think it’s funny about the men thing. I have to admit that Google Plus just has not done a thing for me, but I absolutely adore Pinterest.

  3. Susan says:

    It’s a great way to learn more about someone you might not know very well, like a co-worker. What I pin depends on what mood is hitting me that day. I might be all about chocolate recipes one day and shoes the next. Or I might need to scan the humor category for a quick pick-me-up! One of the things I love about it is that I don’t have to print recipes when I find them. I can just pin it and refer back to it later!
    My boards are at /susanmynatt.

    • Jamie says:

      Susan, I love looking for recipes. I used to love to flip through magazines (OK I still do) and tear out pages, and this is a virtual way to do that, in my opinion.

  4. Shell says:

    I think I need to check out your mom I’m bored board!

    Mine is keeping the kids busy- but I like your name better.

    I wish everyone had a “gifts I’d love” board. It would take all the guess work out of shopping for presents for them.

  5. Lesli says:

    I am so addicted to Pinterest! I am your newest follower! You can find me at oh and I love how you turned that into an 80s tune. You pin me right round … lol

  6. Kiersten says:

    Blonde Mom,
    We love your posts over at Digitwirl. Full of awesome tips and stories- our subscribers would love your blog!

    – – – –
    Digitwirl: Making Tech Work for You

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