Love Is All You Need (Well, That And Wine)

Photo from D Sharon Pruitt, Pink Sherbet Photography (Flickr Creative Commons)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

To all my parent friends, do you remember Valentine’s with your spouse before kids? Heck do you remember LIFE before kids? And wait…are people actually going out to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

All kidding aside, we’ll have a nice dinner, but it will be at home with the girls.

Here’s my take on Valentine’s Day, pre-kids and post-kids. Good times.

Valentine’s Day Pre-Kids
Spending hours combing through lingerie racks at Victoria’s Secret.
Valentine’s Day Post-Kids
Spending hours trying to find a sucker, I mean babysitter.

Valentine’s Day Pre-Kids
Finding the perfect romantic restaurant.
Valentine’s Day Post-Kids
Finding the best takeout pizza coupon.

Valentine’s Day Pre-Kids
Spraying tantalizing perfume on all your pulse points.
Valentine’s Day Post-Kids
Spraying disinfectant on all your household surfaces and praying no one brings home the latest crud from school.

Valentine’s Day Pre-Kids
Writing the perfect love letter.
Valentine’s Day Post-Kids
Writing your kids’ classmates names on their Valentine party favors.

Valentine’s Day Pre-Kids
Savoring each bite of Godiva chocolate.
Valentine’s Day Post-Kids
Wolfing down the Godiva chocolate in your car before you pick up your kids from school.

Valentine’s Day Pre-Kids
Waking up to a nice steamy shower together.
Valentine’s Day Post-Kids
Waking up to a nice steamy poop filled diaper.

Valentine’s Day Pre-Kids
Staying up late watching a classic romantic period film.
Valentine’s Day Post-Kids
Staying up late watching your 4th grader rehearse her Revolutionary War oral report.

Valentine’s Day Pre-Kids
Falling asleep in each others’ arms after reading each other poetry.
Valentine’s Day Post-Kids
Falling asleep in your kids’ beds after reading the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.

Valentine’s Day Pre-Kids
Slipping into your sexiest heels.
Valentine’s Day Post-Kids
Slipping into your comfiest yoga pants.

Do you have any Valentine’s Day pre-kids, post-kids snippets of your own to share?


  1. Susan says:

    It’s amazing what kids do to your life! We’re spending Valentine’s Day at the ice rink – not for some couples skate, but for our son’s hockey practice.

  2. Pinay WAHM Blogger says:

    LOL. That post made me happy today. Having children is really one the big adjustment a couple could have. 🙂 But these adjustments are all worth it, specially if it is awarded with toothless grin from the little ones. 🙂

  3. Nupur says:

    Hey there 🙂 I loved the post very much! Can relate to so many of the above mentioned things 🙂 I’m a new mom on the block…just 10 months old 😀

  4. Erin says:

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