The Tooth, The Whole Tooth, And Nothing But The Tooth

My 6-year-old has been patiently waiting to lose her first tooth. Watching her classmates lose teeth like the X Factor loses hosts hasn’t helped.

At last Miss A has had a satisfyingly wiggly lower front tooth to tinker with for weeks. Last Saturday night it was barely hanging on by one minuscule bit of flesh. Hubby lassoed it with string and quickly yanked it while I held Miss A’s hand. She hesitated for a bit and started crying, not because it hurt so bad, but because she was so happy.

Finally, her Tooth Fairy moment had come.

Fast forward several hours to about 2 a.m. and I had one of those “OH CRAP” moments where I woke, sat up in bed, and tried to remember what I’d forgotten to do (because it varies from week to week). I realized I hadn’t left any Tooth Fairy cash for Miss A’s prize tooth. I snuck into her room and saw that hubby had tucked a $5 folded bill into the little pocket of the yellow and white gingham Tooth Fairy pillow my grandmother made for me years ago. Satisfied, I crawled back into bed. Score points for hubby.

The next day Miss A came up to me, grinning and holding her $5 bill. She unfolded it, examined it closely and looked puzzled.

“Mommy why does it say April on this money?” She looked at me with concern and handed over the bill.

I looked at it and sure enough, someone had written April in bold black ink in the corner.

“Um…I don’t know.” (Think mama, THINK. Now is a moment to grasp for parenting brilliance.)

“Maybe it’s a sign! A sign that you’re going to lose another tooth in April.” (Uh…yeah.)

She looked at me, skeptically.

“Maybe it belonged to a little girl named April and she got the money for her first tooth and then spent it. Now you need to write your name on it.” (Dude, you are SO FREAKING LAME. Is this all you can come up with?)

Blank stare.

“Any way, it’s a mystery!”

Yep, this whole parenting thing. It’s definitely a mystery.


  1. Jessica Kelley says:

    I think those are both great explanations! I’m surprised she didn’t jump to write her name on it too.

    Not to bum you out if this is the case, but I just thought when I saw it was a lower front tooth, how those are the first teeth babies usually get. Was her first one to be lost her first baby tooth? That would make me cry.

  2. Susan says:

    We’ve got a couple loose bottom teeth. I can’t wait! He seems pretty excited since so many of his friends are losing their teeth. Although it means he’s growing up…

  3. Jamie says:

    Beth: Dang, you’re good!

    Jessica: I hope not. Sadly I cannot remember if her first tooth was a bottom or upper tooth. 🙁 Will have to look at old pictures. I’m a big cryer so I need to be prepared if so…need tissue.

    Susan: She was SO excited. Miss C was also nearly 7 by the time she lost a tooth and then it seems like she lost 3 in one month!

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