1. Kaye says:

    You really should rethink that “clean your own toilet” thing. Best stress reducer we ever did was have someone clean the house twice a week.

  2. EG says:

    WTF is up with spider veins? Is it because I’m 33 or because I started exercising enthusiastically this year?

    And yeah, truly, money spent on a cleaning service is money well spent (although we have someone come once every two weeks).

  3. Jamie says:

    EG I don’t know…mine are primarily on my outer right thigh and I blame years of curling up that leg under my left leg when I sit. They are SO. ATTRACTIVE.


    Or I should blame cleaning the $%&@ toilets!


  4. Michelle@Everyday Celebrating says:

    Awesome!!! Right there with ya. People think because I plan events that I’m walking the damn red carpet. Nope… just the girl sweating like a goat from rolling OUT the carpet. Your list? I checked almost all of them myself. We’re awesome. Period.

  5. Barbara R. says:

    Yes, I make to do lists….as well. Than I loose them. I need a post it note as to where I put the to do list.

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