2011 In Review: Travels, Goodbye, And That Crazy Passing Out On The Toilet Incident

Happy 2012! It’s time for my annual post reflecting on all that transpired in the past year.

2011 was a busy year for my family. There were highs and lows, laughter and tears, closed chapters and new beginnings. My baby girl started first grade, my older daughter started her last year of elementary school, we said goodbye to a much loved four-legged member of our family, and we went on a couple of memorable trips.

Here’s a little recap of what I wrote about in 2011…the good, the bad, and the everything inbetween.

The circus came to town!


We enjoyed several snow days and I screamed like a banshee sledding. I wrote a post for Blissdom conference newbies with helpful tips and my friend Mary Bernard interviewed me for her new podcast series. Miss A brought me to tears with this post about happy crying.  We went to the circus downtown and I attended my first ever fashion show for CABI at Gaylord Opryland Hotel. I bought an obnoxious green exercise ball to sit on at work in hopes of helping my lower back issues.

Making new friends and seeing old ones at Blissdom.


I was in a flash mob and posted the video from the annual Blissdom blog conference (Party in the U.S.A. forever is etched in my brain) and I reflected on what would have been my grandmother’s 95th birthday. Miss A was invited to a fairy theme birthday party and dressed like a goth slash flapper girl. I attended the first ever Traveling Mom retreat held at Disney World and catch Mickey Fever, vowing to return with my family (and we are…in March!)

All hail the 6-year-old’s fierce dance moves.


The girls attend a father/daughter Girl Scouts dance where Miss A took to the dance floor like Charlie Sheen to Twitter. We had to put our beloved dog Bailey, our first baby, to sleep and it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Miss A turned 6.

Good night sweet girl, not goodbye.


I made an effort to have social media free Sundays. I also gave up Cokes for lent and went on a tornado warning weight loss plan. I gave away a fun trip for a reader to join me in Louisville at the GE Signature Kitchen. I lamented about my nasty mom wheels and stooped to a new low by willingly driving around town with a Chuck E. Cheese balloon in my car. I nearly killed our Roomba with my panties and the girls learned how to work a potter’s wheel. I traveled to Seattle for the first time to visit Nintendo’s headquarters as a Nintendo brand ambassador.

My marathon girl!


Hubby and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary and I reflected on the one-year anniversary of the Nashville flood. Horny cicadas threatened to take over our fair city, or at least gross me out on a daily basis, Miss C ran in the kids marathon in downtown Nashville and I became a summer schedule Nazi. I wrote about crabs and stripper names.

Sailing in Michigan. So lovely.


Miss C celebrated her 9th birthday. I shared pictures from our fun family trip to Michigan for my nephew’s beautiful wedding. I confessed to having a black thumb when it comes to gardening. I took a mini blogcation while we were at the beach in Georgia and featured some great guest bloggers.

Gidget and Wingnut hang ten!


My girls surfed for the first time and I posted pictures from our amazing summer vacation at the historic Jekyll Island Club Hotel and Tybee Island in coastal Georgia. I interviewed actor Steve Carell along with several other bloggers and we test drove a Nissan Quest during our summer family vacation. My girls got excited about dollar air fresheners and I offered some family road trip survival tips.

Before I nearly lost my lunch on a kiddie ride.


I wrote about ways bloggers can network outside of attending conferences and shared tips from teachers on how to ease the back to school blues. The girls started 4th and 1st grade , we went to Beech Bend amusement park where I nearly lost my lunch on a kiddie ride, and I had a public bathroom wardrobe change fail incident on the way to a wedding. I felt sorry for my poor husband who has to share one full bathroom with three girls every morning. Miss A tugged at my heartstrings with the story of her “love pencil” at school and channeled her inner pole dancer at the pool.

My handsome, hard-working husband in his element…on the water!


I reflected on how my blog has changed over the years in a post titled “When Mom Blogs Grow Up.” We spent a lovely Labor Day weekend at the lake and I wrote about my country girl roots. I ended up in the hospital overnight after passing out on our tile bathroom floor during the worst episode of food poisoning I’ve ever had in my life and I got my head examined, literally. (Cat scan normal…yea!)

Ayyyy matey!


I had a nerdy mid-life crisis of the library kind and survived the great paper mache globe project of 4th grade without resorting to anti-depressents or hard liquor. I confess that our house is more barn than pottery and I utter a busy mom’s fall serenity prayer. The girls dress up as pirates for Halloween.

Why yes, I am a proud soccer mom.


I admit I can’t handle it when the girls say the F word and I have a proud soccer mom moment. I had an impromptu unplugged mom day and feel really damn old. Our dog Jack celebrates a birthday.

December in Cabo…what a fantastic way to close out the year!


I feature some awesome guest bloggers while hubby and I vacation for the first time ever in beautiful Los Cabos as part of a wonderful family media trip. I write a cool shopping guide for gifts with a Nashville flair and confess that I am no Elf on a Shelfinista.

So, 2012, what do you have in store for us?

I say, BRING IT!


  1. Chris says:

    I love your comic to start things off, that is something that may have just been how it happened!

    It looks like you have had a great 2011! I hope 2012 is good for you as well!

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