Twas The Night Before New Year’s Day

Twas the night before New Year’s Day at our house

Champagne was on the agenda for me and my spouse

The stockings were still tossed by the chimney (but not with care),

Santa had loaded them with loot, they were definitely not bare


The children should have been nestled snug in their beds

But excitement over New Year’s Eve had them jacked up instead

And me in my Cuddle Duds

And hubby in his flannel pants

Had just settled down with Dick Clark, not a night of romance


When in my older daughter’s room there arose such a clatter

I sprang from the couch to see what was the matter

Away down the hall I flew like a flash

Tripped over the dog, nearly fell on my a**


My girls were fighting (again)

Over something silly you see

We’ve all enjoyed this winter break

But school starts back next Wednesday…squeeeeee!


Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! See you in 2012!


  1. Jamie says:

    Thanks Chris! Love my girls but I’m ready to get back to a “normal” crazy schedule. Happy New Year to you, too!

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