There’s A Balm In Gilead, And If It Could Talk It Would Sound Like Curtis Stone

Vicks, which makes my old school feel better favorite VapoRub, introduced their new Nature Fusion line of cough and cold remedies in 2011. Not only is Nature Fusion gluten and alcohol free, but it’s flavored with another old school favorite of mine…honey!

My mom came down with a bad cold just in time for Christmas, unfortunately, and I brought her the new Nature Fusion cough syrup to try as I’d just received a big box from Vicks filled with products for cold and flu season. My mama is not one to take medicine often but she tried this and immediately stopped coughing. She also noticed the almost pleasant honey taste, which is definitely not something I normally associate with cough syrup.

Speaking of things that are smooth and golden like honey, Vicks has signed on Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone to be the star of their new healthy living Nature Fusion channel on YouTube. I have to admit I wasn’t very familiar with Curtis Stone but now that I’ve heard him speak…well, I don’t know about ya’ll, but I could listen to him speak ALL DAY. I’ve got to figure out how to reprogram my phone GPS to sound like Curtis Stone. Surely there’s an app for that, right?

Curtis shares some great tips for incorporating healthier options at meal time. One of my ongoing quests is to eat a healthy, light breakfast, but I need one that is filling. Hubby and I have been on a smoothie kick, and I love this recipe that Curtis shares in the second part of this video for making one with a tropical twist. He also features a great recipe for homemade granola. I love granola with yogurt and fresh fruit. Smoothies are working for me lately, though, because they are the perfect, portable breakfast. Hubby and I can pour one in a to go cup and drink our breakfast on the way to the office.



What’s your go to on the go breakfast? Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe? Share in the comments!

Disclosure: I’m proud to be working with Vicks this winter. I am being compensated for my posts but, as always, the opinions expressed on this blog and all my words are totally my own.


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