Birthday Boy

 Happy 21st (plus 20) birthday to my handsome, hard-working, husband…my best friend, partner in crime, and wonderful father to our two awesome little girls. I will never forget the quiet, mysterious blonde-headed boy in high school. The one who always wore a denim jacket. The one who seemed wise beyond his years. The one who seemed like a bad boy but who was really kind and generous beyond measure. The one who finally won my heart.

I hope the next year brings you more success, love, peace, and happiness than you can handle.

In my heart I am giving you the warmth and solitude of a perfect walk on the beach day. Remember that when we order fried pickles at your favorite sports bar tonight and the girls start bickering. (Wink.)

Love you for always,


p.s. I guess you’ll always be younger than me, right? (Dammit.)

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  1. Ernestine says:

    Other Mother (that is what he calls me) seconds all your special wishes to the best soninlaw, father to my two little ones and husband to my youngest daughter.

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