Merry Music City Gift Guide

Music City Gift Guide

Oh how I do love me some Pinterest!

I was recently chatting with a fellow soccer mom about the time our kids waste on Angry Birds, or Crazy Chickens as I heard one grandfather call it when he was talking about that “crazy game his grandkids play.” I actually don’t play Angry Birds which I realize qualifies me for some sort of freak of nature award as I may be one of the last people on the planet to not succumb to this little addiction. Then I mentioned my love for Pinterest, and being the enabler I am I asked, “Have you heard of Pinterest?”

“Oh yeah…but at least THAT is useful,” she said.

Totally useful.

I’ve put together a Merry Music City Gift Guide on Pinterest for your viewing pleasure that includes some of my favorite spots as well as some Etsy finds (another addiction, no?)

If you want a little touch of Nashville under the tree, then take a gander.


Nashvillians, do you shop local? What are your favorite spots that I haven’t mentioned?


  1. kasey says:

    I was recently in Nashville and picked up a similar looking necklace!!! I love it. I’m trying overall to shop at more “real people” shops.

  2. katklaw777 says:

    I live just south of Chicago in farm country and I soooooooooooooooo want that hat…it is just perfect for my Hubby!

  3. 1955nurse says:

    Great selection! Esp. for those of us who can’t get there, this can bring a little pc of Nashville home to us!!!

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