Happy Birthday To My Red Headed Boyfriend

Our sweet dog Jack’s made up birthday is today. My husband rescued him from a ditch where he lay hurt and abandoned 11 years ago today so we don’t know his real birthday but we always celebrate on his rescue day.

Jack is the quintessential gentleman. He is a loving soul and my constant shadow around the house. He is a lover of belly rubs and neighborhood walks. He is a slayer of back yard ninja squirrels (in his dreams.) He only barks when warranted, be it at strange men in brown trucks delivering brown packages or teenagers who should totally know better than to trick or treat at our front doorstep. He sleeps peacefully on the floor by our beds every night. He never fails to let out a happy cry when we walk in the back door after a long day at work or school.

As I type this he lies on the floor just a few feet away from me. I often joke that he is a guardian angel or a reincarnated husband or boyfriend from years ago.

Here is the story of Jack, our beloved big ole lug of a dog, from last year.

Happy Birthday Jack! You have brought us immeasurable happiness and love. I can’t think of a better dog to grow up beside our girls.

Pre-kids, 2001

Miss C and Jack, 2003


Miss A and Jack, 2008

The girls with Jack, 2009

Jack, 2011


  1. katklaw777 says:

    What a sweet animal…I think rescued pets are the best. I have three rescued kitties and they are the lights of my life.
    Great pics!

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