Baby It’s Cold Outside (Now Wear Your Damn Coat)

An open letter to my girls…

Dear Girls:

I know it was completely audacious that I asked you to wear your winter coats to school today. I mean what kind of crazy, unreasonable mother asks her kids to wear a coat when it’s 39 degrees outside? Wasn’t it just days ago that we were still in shorts and driving around with the windows rolled down?

I know it’s a crime against humanity, apparently, to wear your winter coat before Thanksgiving. I realize they may seem too bulky and cumbersome or to quote Miss A, “TOO PUFFY MOM,” but I guarantee you that when I pick you up from school this afternoon your frozen tushies will be the only cool thing about you dissing your winter coats.



p.s. I told you it was cold out.

p.p.s. Tomorrow I’m telling you, not asking.

Do your kids put up a huge stink over wearing their winter coats? I don’t remember this being such an angsty deal last year. As Charlie Brown says, “Good grief.”

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  1. Qtpies7 says:

    OH, YES!!!!!!! My boys are the worst, though. They would only wear hoodies ALL WINTER in MINNESOTA!!! It was a battle! I finally got a lettermans jacket for one of my boys, and then he wore it all through high school! Problem solved! Now it is passed on to the next boy, he and his sister take turns wearing it, though, so it might get ugly this winter. I will have to buy another one.

  2. Ann Marie says:

    My girls are 15 and 13. We live in Minnesota. I have gone hoarse suggesting for them to dress for the weather. My new power of suggestion: I just happen to leave their coats hanging next to the front door. This morning it was 20 degrees and I was happy to watch my 13yo walk across the yard wearing her peacoat. Score 1. The 15yo, however, just a hoodie. The battle continues.

  3. Jamie says:

    Jennifer you’re lucky! My 6-year-old Miss A is cold natured so I’m thinking tomorrow she won’t put up a big fuss.

    We are in Nashville so granted we have mild winters but still. My 9-year-old wants to continue to wear her school uniform shorts. I’ve told her my cut off date is Nov. 30! 😉 No more shorts after that!

    Good luck with the battle ladies…I’m sure ours are just beginning!

  4. Jessi Likey says:

    When my brothers were in High School, about 20 years ago, they wore shorts all winter long and wouldn’t be caught dead in a coat. I guess it was the style at their school at that time… or they were just a very weird bunch of boys. I should ask them about that.

  5. renee says:

    As long as the material is not “scratchy,” as my daughter likes to put it, she will generally not fuss about a coat. The neighbor’s kids, however, I have personally seen running around with bare feet and shorts when there is frost on the ground. Not my problem though 🙂

  6. Dana Owens says:

    My kids take after me, so they run really cold. Getting them to wear their Winter Coats has never been a problem, though they usually pick out their own coats for the coming season (or seasons since we try to get them a little bigger for extended use). We always shop at Burlington Coat Factory. That way they can choose a coat they love but it will have a price much lower than it would be in a department store.

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