As Long As She Doesn’t Lick A Toad, We’re Good

I was on mission declutter over weekend since we have a little break from soccer. I cleaned out our stereo closet and found cassette tapes from the 80s (and not good ones), I filed a ton of paperwork and shredded quite a bit and I cleaned off my horribly messy desk and found a Christmas present for 2010, I kid you not. Granted it was a small, wrapped package but I swear I am just one decade old clipped magazine article away from a special episode of Hoarders: Release My Desk From The Depths Of Clutter Hell.

While I was decrapifying away the girls got into their stash of bouncy balls, you know the kind you get in those quarter machines in game rooms that multiply like rabbits the second they enter your home. The bouncy balls that turn normally sane children into stark raving looney birds all for the love of a small rubber ball. I’ve tossed quite a few but we still have a small stash of them. You have to ease your kids into letting go of such precious belongings.

Miss A walked up to me while I was in the midst of Operation God Help Me What Is This Crap On My Desk and stuck a small pink rubber ball in my face to get my attention.

“MOM…look at this! Do you know what this is?”

I checked it out and confirmed that yes, it was a ball.

“No mom, it’s a PIECE OF GUM. I licked it. Isn’t that gross?”

She waited for me to acknowledge that it was, indeed, gross for her to discover a months old pink gumball in her toy ball stash that she identified by licking and then replied satisfactorily…

“OK, well I’m going to go throw it away now.”

We all have our methods of determining what to toss out when we declutter.

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  1. LA says:

    Funny–My soccer girl has a bouncy ball collection, too! What’s up with that! She was so excited she found her zebra striped one she had lost the other day!
    Love your daughter’s deciphering skills. Here’s to decluttering!

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