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Sometimes you need a day without your smart phone and a day with your smart kid to realize how lucky you are. When was the last time you unplugged with your family?

Hallmark asked me to write about an unplugged day and I recently had a little impromptu down time with my favorite first grader.

Pink eye?

Uh oh

Doctor’s visit

Just a bug bite



You and me

Roll the dice

Your turn

Roll again

Atlantic City

Collect $200

Buttered popcorn

Snuggle time

Turn the page

Cuddly bear

Big smiles

Disclosure: I wasn’t compensated for this post, although Hallmark did send me a little box of goodies to enjoy with my girls, including an adorable read along bear named Cooper. You can find other posts about this venture into unplugging on Twitter with the hash tag #HallmarkBlogOut


  1. MvP says:

    I remember those days when my boys were little. It was always nice to share some time together playing games and eating popcorn. Monopoly Jr was our favorite!

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