1. Allison says:

    Wow, you sure were resourceful and creative! I just emptied our wallet to Disney. It’s so much better and more memorable to create it yourself. There was that year that we made a dragon costume for Natalie that almost wasn’t ready for Halloween though. Your girls look great!

  2. Blonde Mom says:

    Thanks Allison! Last year I dropped way too much cashola at Party City on Miss A’s werewolf mask and gloves. I did have to make two trips to two different Goodwill stores to find most of this so the time factor was great but I have to admit I had fun finding all this. The pants are gaucho style and they’re a black jersey knit material. I just cut up the hemline to make them look more “piratey.”

  3. English Brown says:

    I am doing a lecture on descendants of British pirates now living in Honduras. I’d like your permission to use a picture of the girls for my lecture. I figure it’s a fun way to show that point.

    I completely understand if you are not comfortable with this-I just wanted to ask in the hopes that you are OK with it.

    It’s an enrichment lecture on a cruise ship, so the audience will not be more than 100 people or so. We are going to Honduras as a port. Unfortunately, both of my nieces (including my namesake) and my step-daughter are all grown up, and never thought to be pirates when they were the age of yours:) Thanks for sharing what looks like a hectic and fun life!

    Oh, one more thing- My first name really is English-You can look me up on Facebook-English Caroline Brown from Bluffton, SC- (I get a lot of disbelief when I introduce myself!)

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