The Final, Frightful, Countdown

My girls, Halloween 2010, the second year they kissed any costumes remotely twirly, princessy, or cutesy goodbye.

We’re in the final, frightful countdown to Halloween at Casa Blonde Mom Blog and I’ve got a couple of things to tell you about.

My nerves are worn to a nub from an incredible two-day travel soccer tournament for the 9-year-old which involved one of her teammates leaving the field with not one, but two, buckle fractures in her left arm. Now that? Is SCARY! So proud of these tough girls (and my girl who scored a goal…yea!)

Speaking of Halloween, check out my review blog for a scary good giveaway from Fanta.

I’ve made a fun Halloween board on Pinterest you may want to check out. Three words to get you movin’…CANDY. FLAVORED. VODKA.

The quest for the fun pirate costumes for my girls that aren’t completely store bought has me saying things like “hey make sure you don’t poke that sword in anyone’s eyes!” in the check out lane at Walmart on a Sunday night. I don’t know what’s worse, that or me letting them gawk at the hair feather clips display at Walmart. What is with those feathers?

We’ve been reading a ton of Halloween books from our own collection I bring out every year (Georgie’s Halloween is a classic fave) and we just discovered Halloweiner at the local library which I may have to purchase since I am a sucker for weiner dogs, especially weiner dogs in costume. We’ve also been watching a lot of Halloween DVDs, although we don’t get into anything too scary ’round here. We’re more into Spooky Buddies than the Shining.

I need to buy more candy for trick or treaters since someone, I’m not naming any names but could be me, ate all the mini Butterfingers. I should know better than to open the Halloween candy and set it out for “decoration.”  Yeah. RIGHT.

I love Halloween because it’s the only time of year you can say something like, “I’ve GOT to have those plastic eyeballs!,” and not sound completely insane.

Are you ready for Halloween?

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