Self-Esteem Exercise: Join Me This Weekend!

Have you decided on what you’re doing with the special girl, or in my case girls, in your life for Dove’s Self-Esteem Weekend? I posted about it last week, but just a reminder that it’s this Friday through Sunday, which means you only have a few more days to decide.

Dove is also hosting a chat on Twitter tonight from 8 to 9  EST. Follow the hash tag #DoveDifference to get involved in the conversation about building self-esteem in young girls.

This weekend my girls and I will be reading a favorite book, “When I Grow Up I Want To Be Me,”  that I highly recommend. I’m also going to sit down with them and have them each write a “love letter” to themselves listing all their great (or as they would say, “cool,”) qualities. We’ll all seal our letters in an envelope and open them one year from now. As their mother I often wonder what their dreams and aspirations are. And as their mother I hope I do nothing but encourage them to believe and achieve those dreams and aspirations.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and pledge to spend an hour with the girl in your life. It could be a life changing hour. You never know.

Disclosure: I am not being compensated to help spread the word about Dove’s Self-Esteem Weekend. As a mother to two young girls, I happen to think it’s a great cause and something I feel strongly about.

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  1. frugal baby says:

    Life is very tough for young girls as early as preK; it’s sad. Building their self esteem is and should be an ongoing goal. It’s great to see programs like this that gets the ball rolling. Thanks for sharing.

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