Dove Self-Esteem Weekend: Are You In?

DoveĀ® Movement for Self-Esteem | I PLEDGE TO BUILD SELF-ESTEEM IN GIRLS

One hour. That’s all Dove is asking you to devote to lifting up the special girl(s) in your life during their Self-Esteem Weekend October 21-23.

Sure I spend a lot of time with my girls (mostly in the car, ahem), but how often is it quality time?

My older daughter, Miss C, starts middle school next year and she likes to remind me that she’ll be in the double digits (10) next summer. She’s going to be facing all sorts of new peer pressure, and so much of the drama I dread. She’s already asked me about a cell phone and a Facebook page. At her age I was listening to the Grease soundtrack album and talking to my friends on an avocado green phone with a cord that stretched from the kitchen to our utility room. A girl needs her privacy, you know.

Dove’s guide to the digital world is a helpful resource for cutting back on the digital drama that tweens and teens now face with everything from texting to cyber-bullying to the importance of friendships offline (as well as online). I’m looking forward to sitting down and discussing it with my daughter before she starts middle school next year. And I’m looking forward to sitting down with both my girls next weekend on a self-esteem building exercise. More on that next week!

Are you on board for the Dove Self-Esteem Weekend yet? Not a mom? Are you a grandmother or an aunt or godmother? You play an important role in a young girl’s life, too. Be sure to sign up on the pledge map!

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  1. Jamie says:

    I too have a budding tween. Who got mad at me yesterday because I wouldn’t make a detour in our WalMart run so she could try on a padded bra. It’s different with girls. I have a high school senior. I’m worried for him…but doubly worrired for our girls. In the area of peer pressure. Will check out that guide.

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