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Back in 2008 blogger/brand relations were in their 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus phase (to quote Talladega Nights, one of my favorite movies.) I’d been blogging since late 2005 and was just starting to see the potential for moms to influence brands, politics, and more, via the written word online. I honestly started blogging simply for a creative outlet, a little virtual Xanax, if you will. I never knew it would become a professional hobby that has opened many doors for myself and for my family.

It was spring 2008 when I received an invitation to join about 50 other mom bloggers at Johnson & Johnson’s Camp Baby event which was, as far as I know, one of the first big brand conferences bringing a national company together with active bloggers from across the United States to discuss the issues most important to moms. This was before I was using Twitter or even Facebook. I was a just a babe in the social media woods at that time but you could really feel the excitement generated by all these social media savvy women under one roof.

One of the dynamic women I met at Camp Baby was Colleen Padilla from Classy Mommy. Colleen is a smart cookie mama with an MBA from Cornell whose blog and brand has led her to work with brands such as T.J. Maxx/Marshall’s and Tide, and she’s even been featured in the New York Times. She founded a very successful blog based primarily around product reviews. At Camp Baby I also met Jane Couto, sister of Audrey McClellend, founders (along with their mom) of It’s fun to see that now just three years later their careers have absolutely skyrocketed and they’ve carved their own niche, Audrey’s being relevant, achievable, and fun fashion advice for moms. AND? She’s mingled with the likes of Tim Gunn on the red carpet.

Both Colleen and Audrey are sharing their insight, tips, and personal anecdotes about successful careers as digital moms in their new book, The Digital Mom Handbook.

Even though I’ve been blogging for nearly six years now (thud) and I have also enjoyed some success working with brands, The Digital Mom Handbook was a helpful refresher on tips for successfully leveraging social media. Although I haven’t quit my day job, the perqs I have received, not to mention all the amazing people I have met and friends I’ve made thanks to blogging and social media, have been incredible. I’ve stalked Keifer Sutherland at a Hollywood event co-sponsored by Honda, I’ve put on my test drive course driving helmet at Ford, I’ve gotten my gamer girl mojo on at Nintendo’s world headquarters, I’ve started writing about family travel, and I’ve test driven a Nissan Quest on summer family vacation.

If you want to learn how to find your passion and your tribe, read real life success stories from bloggers you may already follow (like me!), and also learn basic nuts and bolts about such things as different types of revenue streams, suggestions on blog networks to join, and insight from a PR professional on how to get you and your social media brand noticed, this is a great book for all levels of social media experience. And hey, you can read what I have to say (pages 191-192…ahem.)

Blogging successfully takes considerable time and effort. It’s not a get successful overnight scheme. It’s something I truly love doing. And that, to me, is success.

Want to win your own copy of The Digital Mom Handbook, written by my friends Colleen Padilla and Audrey McClelland?

Simply leave a comment on this post about why you want to win this book by midnight Wednesday, October 5, and I’ll select a winner at random.

Good luck ya’ll!


  1. Blake says:

    Why do I want to win this book? Because I really, really want to read pagest 191 – 192! 😀 Seriously, I do. AND I am intrigued by the idea of finding my tribe. I would also like to gain some perspective on fine tuning my blogging direction. I do not have any set expectations because, like you, I blog for the enjoyment of it. It is a creative outlet. Who knows where this journey will lead. 🙂

  2. Abby says:

    How funny, just earlier today I posted on my small blog how I’d like to do more with it in the near future! The last year I blogged solely about my family, since the birth of my daughter. I’d love to expand on that. Your book would absolutely provide me with great information. I know it’s just what I need to get motivated and inspired!!

  3. Sarah says:

    I would really love to get a copy of this book – we’re in the process of exploring my blogging as a potential revenue stream, and my DH is even thinking of joining in the fun! Would love to hear what people have learned over the last few years! Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Malia says:

    Colleen and Audrey are amazing! That’s why I want to win 🙂 And also because I’d love to add their book to the STACK of books by bloggers that I KNOW to my bedside table! (and I’ll read it, too!)

  5. Christine says:

    I want to win this book because I’m amazed on a daily basis by how much I don’t know about this blogging thing and at the creativity of others. (Also, to lessen the guilt load of spending time on the computer with no material gain)

    Thanks for the contest and for the opportunity to see you on a paper page 🙂

  6. Jenny Beckwith says:

    That book is awesome … I was really inspired by it and read it from cover to cover when I got it out of the library … there was so much good stuff in it that I find myself wanting to refer to … but I had to return it when the month was up … so would love my own copy! It inspired to start my second blog (the first one is a family thing … now I have my own little bit of the internet all to myself!!)

  7. Erica G says:

    I would like to win becasue I really want to start my own blog, but need some guidance. Hopefully this book can help.

  8. Jennifer C says:

    I’d love to win this book! I just started out blogging myself and could definately use some tips to make it better.

  9. says:

    This book would be an awesome resourse! Yeah, thanks for the giveaway. I just started blogging and it is so much fun! I know I have a lot to learn so the book would be something I need to look into whether I win it or not!

  10. Flora Rouse says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry I’m late for the giveaway. Congratulations to the winner, though! You must be really excited! 🙂 If I won, I would celebrate with some beluga caviar from I am eating some right now, and I am enjoying it so much, positivity just flows out of me like a river. 🙂 Lots of luck and happiness to all your readers, and especially to you Jamie! You are so nice to reward your readers with giveaways like this!

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