Mom, You Dressed Me Up Like What?

Every fall my girls expend considerable brain power deciding what they are going to dress up as for Halloween. It’s honestly one of the biggest decisions they make every year. Oh to be a kid again!

I thought I’d once again share my votes for worst kids’ costumes, baby and toddler edition. Adults apparently love to dress their kids up as cute animals. They might as well because it’s a slippery slope to gore and skanksta wear once they hit the tween years. Yes, embrace these cute cuddly years. They are fleeting (if not future black mail photo ops for when they start dating.)

You can also check out last year’s picks for worst Halloween kids’ costumes.

Mom, I blame you for all my future body image issues.


So I’m a little slow and have yet to learn to walk this any way to encourage me?

I smell like WHAT?!?


I will not be humiliated, I will not be humiliated.

Oh my GOD MOM! Snoopy eats babies?!


And my own contribution from my own Miss C, thrilled, obviously, by showing off her flower costume at daycare.

Thanks a lot mom.


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  1. Tory says:

    I took full advantage back when I controlled the choices. One year Caleb was Batman and (baby) Annabel was Robin. Then there was the year when Caleb was Harry Potter in Quidditch gear, and Annabel was the Golden Snitch!

  2. patchhats says:

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  3. Pool Fence says:

    It is hard to decide what to wear each year especially because you spend some money and maybe only wear it once. I was thinking of doing a costume swap event hoping that many will come and exchange costumes. Good idea?

  4. Erica Reinhart says:

    I stick with superhero costumes, mainly because Jake wears them more than once, he will wake up from a nap and come out dressed as SpiderMan or I use it as leverage and say “if you can do this… then you can wear your costume”

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