I Call This Costume Morning Mom Pre-Coffee

Yes this is my 4th grader, Miss C. We are currently leaning toward pirate girls for Halloween, although my girls change their minds about a dozen times when it comes to their Halloween costumes

a dozen times A DAY.

What are your kids going to be for Halloween? Honestly I think Halloween is second only to Christmas as far as the excitement it generates.


  1. Beth (A Mom's Life) says:

    My kids (my son especially) will spend hours pouring over costume websites and spend just as much time begging me to take him to the costume shops. And of course, all the costumes they pick out are well over the price limit that I set for them.

    My son wants nothing but blood and gore and my daughter leans towards costumes that make her look like a …(rhymes with gore)! Halloween costume shopping is a stressful time around here.

    I miss the days when I could pick something cute and affordable for them!

  2. Jamie says:

    Me, too!

    And Beth I’m not sure what word that rhymes with gore you are talking about? LOL 😉

    Yeah my girls have left the sweet, frilly princess years behind. SNIFF. I know princesses get a bad rap from some people, but I do actually miss them.

  3. Chris says:

    I am not sure what my kids are going to be. I think they are usually more oriented towards animals. My son wants to be a dragon, and my daughter wants to be a butterfly mixed with a fairy. I am not sure how that is going to work out.

    The baby will probably end up being a peacock, we found a pretty fun little idea for that one…

  4. Brigid says:

    My daughter is going to be Hermione and my son is going to be Ron Weasley. He has NO interest in being Harry Potter and INSISTED on Ron. He cracks me up.

  5. Judith says:

    I am at a lose year after year about what to do about costumes. fortunately I have kids with imagination and creativity,

  6. Amy Steele says:

    So easy to get real cool costumes now and most wont break the bank, when I was a kid I was Peter Pan every year until it got a bit naughty due to my growth as this was all my mom could make. I really love halloween now and dress up as well as the kids.

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