Summer’s Last Hurrah

My beautiful summer girl. I just love this picture of Miss C.

An unexpected invite to the lake? Yes, please!

 It’s hard to believe it was 100 degrees when we went to Center Hill Lake on Saturday and yesterday it was in the 50s and rainy. Don’t shoot me, but I’m actually happy that temperatures in Nashville will be hovering around 80 just in time for the weekend. Remind me I said this when me and my tushy are sweatin’ it out on the metal bleachers for an hour and a half at soccer practice twice next week. Yes, I said twice. The older girl…she’s on a travel soccer league now. Too bad I can’t burn calories while watching her do drills.

Summer, I can’t quit you just yet. I am going to cheat on you a little today, however, when I make a big pot of chili. Maybe I’ll wear flip flops while I cook, though, just to keep you happy.

Here are a few more of my favorite pictures from our time on the water, which is definitely our happy place.

Where is your happy place? The water, the mountains, the clearance rack at Nordstrom?

 My handsome hubby taking a much-deserved break.

Tubing! Ack! Yes they have on life jackets and no they are not afraid at all. No gray hairs sprouted over the weekend.


  1. Jamie says:

    Thanks ya’ll. I just love these pictures. Great day on the water. I’m seriously going to look into renting a houseboat some time. I think that would be a blast!

  2. best lightweight strollers says:

    We spent our last week of August and the first 3 days of Sept at the cottage this year for the first time. Normally we didn’t have time, but this year we were super organized, all back to school shopping was done and we had a chance to just relax on the lake. We plan to try to do the same thing next year.

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