Airheads Make Your Hair Grow And Other Fallacies

My girls have a new favorite saying,”You just got OWNED,” which is so awesome especially when they preface it with “Mom” as in “Mom, you just got OWNED.”


Any way, here are some random quotes from Miss C (9) and Miss A (6) that make me smile or worry that SpongeBob is starting to take over their brain cells.


Me: “OK girls you can have some computer time if you play something educational.”

Miss A: “I’m going to practice my German dancing!”

Me (thinking): ???????

Miss A: Breaks into impromptu German folk dancing in the middle of our den in her school uniform.


Miss A: “Mom, I want to be a chameleon.”

Me: “You mean a comedian?”

Miss A: “Yeah.”


Miss A: “Mom, did you know Airheads make your hair grow long?”

Me: “You mean the candy?”

Miss A: “Yeah.”

Me: “WHO told you that?”

Miss A: “Sally. What? Mom, it’s TRUE!”


Miss A: “I wish I could lick my eyeballs like a lizard.”


Me: “Did you have fun at the pool party?”

Miss C: “Yes! We played these awesome games at the pool with the boys…prisoner and cannibal.”


Me to girls: “Hey, you know what a cool writing prompt would be? If I were a planet I would be…”

Miss C: “Mom, you’d be grumpy.”



  1. Pam says:

    Love those quotes! In response to your planet name, I have to say, it made me feel better. I am called grumpy daily by Monkey Man – today, he even called me a Grumpy Elf (Elf? I am 5’9″ and do not have pointy ears). It is nice knowing I am not the only grumpy mommy out there!

  2. Sam Buck says:

    LOVE kid quotes! I have a 4 year old (he’s not too imaginative yet) and a 6 month old…waiting to hear the stories he’ll spin! <3

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