1. Jamie says:

    And my girls are actually on the tomboy side so God help us if they were super girly girl. I’d never get in the bathroom!

  2. Kaye says:

    Maybe it is time to think of looking for a house with more bathrooms. So thankful I only had one girl. But our son can take a while to get ready too.

  3. Audrey says:

    I’m mom to two girls. We have two bathrooms and often that’s not enough. When we get ready, we all need showers, we all need mirror space. Your photo really made me smile.

  4. Blonde Mom says:

    We DO have a 1/2 bath off our bedroom but it’s so small it’s basically like a closet so we all congregate in the full bath! 😉

  5. amy v says:

    cute! Yeah, we are remodeling our main bath upstairs so the 3 of us have to share one verrrry tiny bathroom downstairs….not fun! My 11 yr old daughter and I try to squeeze in together but usually doesn’t cut it-or we end up elbowing each other. 🙂


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