I Rock The Carousel

More my speed.

Oh hell to the no!

Ready to hit the waves.

That mermaid swimming under water to the left of Miss C is Miss A.

Miss A cools off under the palm tree sprinkler. I think we need one of these in our back yard, no?

Two 40-something parents, two kids running on 24/7 free soft drinks, and a trip to an amusement park on a summer day so hot the goats in the petting zoo were lethargic.

Could we survive?

Would we survive?

Yes and yes!

We headed to Bowling Green, Kentucky, a couple of weeks ago to close out summer with a day at Beech Bend and Splash Lagoon water park. We arrived shortly after the park opened but after about an hour I was starting to wilt, I’ll admit. The nearby water park was like a refreshing mirage taunting me with its peaceful lazy river. It was closing in on noon, though, so we thought we’d hit one more ride, the one more ride that almost pushed me over the edge to barf city.


Miss C and I on the Bobsled Ride, when my stomach was in primo thrill seeker condition.

Maybe it was the heat and it being so close to lunch time that my nearly empty stomach couldn’t handle it, but the swings ride, which I thought looked so refreshing and kid friendly, made me sick…as…a…dog. I knew I was in trouble when I started feeling the urge to hurl on only about the third go round. Would they stop the ride for me? Would I end up getting sick and ruining our day? The horrors!

The girls and hubby were having a grand old time enjoying the cool breeze and I was sweating bullets and fighting horrible motion sickness each time we spun around to tinny carnival music. I managed to pull it together for the remainder of the ride and stumbled off the swings to the shade like a sweaty drunk, trying not to run down a group of 5-year-olds. There’s nothing more humiliating at an amusement park than barely being able to compose yourself after a KIDDY RIDE.

I don’t know what’s happened to my amusement park mojo but there was a time when I actually rode roller coasters the likes of the Beast at Kings Island in Ohio. Miss C and I rode a water ride at Beech Bend that reminded me of the Flume Zoom from Opryland here in Nashville years ago and that was about as much adrenaline as I could handle.

We spent the rest of the day at the refreshing water park, which was definitely more my speed. Lazy river to the rescue! Despite my brush with barfiness, we ended up having a fantastic day. In fact Miss C, my 9-year-old, told me that night that it was the best day of summer, and this is after our beach trip in July.

So are you a daring thrill-seeker at amusement parks or do you prefer to hit the kiddie rides? I’m somewhere in the middle, I think…

p.s. Head on over to Traveling Mom where I wrote a review of our fun day (minus the near barf experience) at Beech Bend. The Bowling Green Area Convention & Visitors Bureau provided us with tickets for our fun outing.


  1. Sarah says:

    Some days, I can’t even take the carousel! 😉

    That dragon/horse in the picture is just like one we have here in DC and it’s Mia’s favorite! Mia (2 and a half now) saw the picture of your girls and said, “They are da-da-lun-da-da-lunning” (That’s the William Tell Overture as a verb, btw) and then, “Now I need to go to the carousel! Can I see that picture again?”

  2. Janelle says:

    WOW! Just yesterday was sharing delightful memories of hot summer days spent riding The Carousel at Santa Cruz Beach reaching for the brass rings!

  3. Jennifer C. says:

    Gorgeous carousel…and you are soo brave to play in a water park…they freak me out!! I have had a few very scary experiences and am now sworn off of them…LOL

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