Saturday Morning Links: Mom I’m Bored Edition

We have less than one week before the big yellow school bus starts rolling down our street. We’ve had a great summer and as I type this post my girls just wrapped up a sleepover where there was much movie watching, popcorn noshing, and staying up past midnight. YAWN. We’ve spent a ton of time swimming this summer and we went on two fantastic trips, one to the Georgia Coast and one to my nephew’s wedding in Michigan, but inevitably the “MOM, I’m bored” starts in at some point. The welcome mat is not out for boredom at Casa Blonde Mom Blog, though. Oh no…

I’ve started a fun Mom I’m Bored Board on Pinterest with ideas for fun things to do with my girls. I’ll continue to add to it as I scout out the perfect antidotes for those rainy days and snow days when we need a fun activity. I hope you’ll check it out! We’re headed to the dollar store to get supplies for either the no mess spinner art or the shaving cream paint because, frankly, the 6-year-old hasn’t had a bath since her Girl Scouts end of summer pool party two days ago.

What do you do when your kids start in with the “I’m Boreds” (besides pour yourself another glass of wine or wear earplugs?)


  1. Blonde Mom says:

    Thanks friend! I felt the need to create something useful with my new Pinterest addiction LOL.

    I hear BlogHer is in NYC next year and I am definitely going to try to make it in 2012!!!!!

  2. Tabor says:

    Just the suggestion I need as I have a grandson for one week soon and a granddaughter for the following week. Schools for them don’t start for another 3 weeks.!

  3. Amy says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has a child that hasn’t bathed! Until last night he hadn’t had a bath since Wed. night before his 1/2 day of school on Thursday! He had us all smell him after his shower last night. 🙂

  4. Jamie says:

    I usually say off with the tV and clean your room. (Very popular suggestion). Then I say read a book or draw. Nothing clever. If that doesn’t work, I throw them outside and lock the door. Have fun this last week. We start on Wednesday.

  5. Liz says:

    I LOVE this collection! My husband and I have been looking for more activities. Oh, and bathing at our house has been less than great these past few weeks. The visible paint on my daughter from tye-dying shirts was the sign for us last night!

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