What I Did Over Summer Vacation: Pole Dancing Edition

We don’t watch much TV as a family but there are a few shows we’ve tuned into regularly this summer, one of which is America’s Got Talent.

The girls really love the judges’ commentary and they’re on a first-name basis now with Piers, Sharon, and Howie. They also enjoy all the dancing and singing acts. We all were blown away by Steven Retchless’s pole dancing performance earlier in the season. It was all very Cirque de Soleil meets male Lady Gaga in tights with glitter and expert makeup application. All kidding aside, I couldn’t believe what kind of unbelievable physical condition you’d have to be in to execute the stunts he did with ease, not to mention just the endurance it would take to suspend yourself in the air from a pole. Of course I recently injured my right arm watering petunias so I’m a huge wimp.

The only problem with watching talent acts on TV is that Miss A is a veritable performing arts sponge. She can mimic any dance she sees and at one point earlier this year had even choreographed her own dance moves to Lady Gaga’s Telephone. I typically monitor her pop culture intake with great care because she’ll copy any type of dance performance she sees on TV or the Web, which hubby discovered during the Girl Scouts Father/Daughter dance last winter when she started break dancing and doing the splits in the middle of the dance floor.

Fast forward to her new dance obsession, thanks to America’s Got Talent. While Steven Retchless didn’t progress on the show, Miss A can’t seem to leave him and his epic pole dancing behind.

Nothing breaks your relaxation bubble quicker than hearing your sweet 6-year-old daughter shout from the shallow end of a public swimming pool, “MOM, look at me pole dancing!!”

It took me about 2 milliseconds to leap from my lounge chair (I may have taken some skin off the backs of my thighs with me) and run to her, all the while trying not to lose my bathing suit top, to calmly yet fervently suggest she should do something else besides pole dancing on the pool railing since she might get in the way of people trying to get into the pool. I also casually followed up with the fact that she shouldn’t yell “pole dancing.” While it was all completely innocent to her and she was just doing some cute gymnastics type stunts on the rail that any kid would do, there’s the whole stigma with the term pole dancing and I’m not quite ready to explain to my 6-year-old sweet girl why that is.

I’m just crossing my fingers that she’s finally left her pole dancing shoes behind because it will be really awkward if she breaks out the moves at a wedding we’re going to this month or at the next Girl Scouts Father/Daughter dance. I’m fairly certain there is no Girl Scouts patch for pole dancing.


  1. Liz says:

    OMG, this had me laughing! Not at you (duh!) but, that line about Girl Scout patch for pole dancing….SNORT!!! Thanks for that 🙂

  2. Jamie says:


    LOL!!!! Yes. Yes there is. (I say this from experience…the girls both start their second year of Girl Scouts this fall.)

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