The Tennis Pro Whisperer

Photo from Flickr Creative Commons, by Kevin Walsh

In keeping with the Summer Without Any Camps theme, the girls have been enrolled in many enrichment activities, such as swimming, surfing, and SpongeBob. Summer break has also included almost weekly trips with my dad to one of our favorite neighborhood bistros slash cafes which serves the girls’ favorites: hot chocolate and blueberry muffins. That’s right. We have bistros slash cafes in the South. It’s not all country ham and eggs ya’ll. And yeah it may be hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk, but the girls love their hot chocolate no matter what time of year.

It was on one of these recent excursions with my dad, aka Papa, that they apparently met a local tennis pro. My dad may or may not have also introduced them to the fine art of buying weekly Power Ball tickets at the corner gas station, but that’s a story for another day.

“Mom, we met a tennis pro with Papa today at breakfast!” my 9-year-old, Miss C, announced one day last week on the way to run errands.

Miss A, not to be outdone by older sister: “Mom, I guessed his last name.”

Me: “You did? What was it?”

Miss A: “Pro.”

Me: “His name was pro?” I’m thinking now that the tennis pro definitely had a bit of fun teasing the girls.

Miss A: “Yes. And mom…I can tell when someone is a tennis pro.” (Said in a most serious voice.)

Me: “Really…is it the way they dress? Like they’re about to go play tennis?”

Miss A: “No, I just KNOW mom.”


Miss A, matter of factly from the back seat: “It’s a gift.”

I’m sure there’s a place on her future resume for this talent.

Speaking of talent, I participated in a conference call with actor Steve Carell today in conjunction with Friday’s release of his new movie, Crazy, Stupid, Love. I’ll be posting about the interview on Friday!


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  1. EG says:

    I grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, where EVERYONE plays tennis. So I took lessons when we moved there. I was in 5th grade.

    I came home and told my parents that our tennis teacher had a nickname for everyone. And MY nickname: Hopeless.

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