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It’s hard for me to believe my older daughter is now 9 but trust me, she reminds me nearly daily with the revelation that she is almost a teenager and that she can almost wear my shoes.

It seems like yesterday that we were just celebrating our summer baby and sharing the big news with friends and family in Nashville and beyond. I was due in late June but my daughter had other ideas and let me know in the wee hours of June 6, 2002 that it was time to get this party started.

Although I’m sure he wanted to take a nap after staying up all night with me, one of the first things my husband did when he came home from the hospital to quickly check in on our first babies (our dogs) was sit down and send an e-mail sharing the happy news and a few pictures with our friends and family in Nashville and beyond.

These days our summer baby has her own e-mail account (which my husband and I monitor) for writing out-of-state friends and even her uncle in Thailand. She’s shared¬† jokes with friends, written thank yous to her grandparents, and updated my brother on all her Girl Scouts activities and soccer victories via e-mail.

From sitting on daddy’s lap “helping” him work to taking over my laptop to write your own e-mails, you’ve come a long way summer baby!

Miss C, 2002


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