Scenes From Southern Shores

Here are just a few of the many pictures I took while we were vacationing in beautiful coastal Georgia for the first time. I have a multitude of post ideas percolating in my brain but I’m enjoying a little down time from blogging while there’s still sand in my flip flops. I’ll be featuring one more Nashville guest blogger this week as part of  my blogcation series and then I’ll jump back on the blog wagon.

We stayed at the incredible Jekyll Island Club Hotel (I actually was lucky enough to win a family beach hotel package last summer on and then visited friends from Nashville on Tybee for a night before heading back home in the 2011 Nissan Quest we put through the family road trip test.

It had been two years since our last family beach vacation and that was two years too many.

All photos edited in Picnik with special effects because I’m fantsy pants like that.

My little surfer girls on Tybee (big thanks to our friend John for the lessons. His daughter, Georgia, is a a champion surfer from Franklin, Tennessee, who spends as much time as she can in the surf off Tybee.)

Beauty and the beach.

My kick it into second wind first vacation beverage on Jekyll.

Miss A enjoying low tide on Jekyll.

Amazing view from our room at Jekyll Island Club Hotel of the pool and the intracoastal.


  1. Jamie says:

    Thanks Carrie! I have SO many pics and haven’t even downloaded the ones on my phone. It was tough to pick just a few. I’m definitely writing more about the girls’ surfing lesson. I am amazed at their tenacity.

    We ended up getting a good deal on a cute rental house on Tybee our last night but then I think we spent all our Jekyll hotel savings on steamed oysters, shrimp, and beer. 😉

  2. Charisse says:

    Hi there! I’m Charisse – one of the Nissan Quest community managers. Just wanted to say I LOVE your vacation photos (especially the surfboard one – very nice lighting), and we’re all so glad to hear you had fun in your Nissan Quest. (We kind of felt like we were along for the ride – which was super fun.) Will you be writing a review specifically about the Quest for your blog or another blog? If so, point us toward it when it’s up! Good luck getting back to post-vacation life – and all the laundry that comes with it. 🙂

  3. Jamie says:

    Yes Charisse…most definitely! I took a ton of photos of the Quest on vacation. We loved driving it and the Nav system, XM satellite radio (always tuned in to Radio Margaritaville) and built-in DVD players were just a few of our favorite features, not to mention the incredible storage space. I’ll be posting about the Quest soon and also will upload photos to Flickr. Thanks!

    • chevy v.s. ford says:

      Thank You Jesus!! Praying not only for you, but all you cross paths with. They have no idea who Jesus is sending their way!! May many souls be turned upside down after hearing your love and passion you have for Jesus that I know you won't be shy in sharing. Love you Elaine!Your friend for the journey…Love,Lelia

    • says:

      Moi Noora!Vedin kyllä herneen nenään tänä aamuna tuosta artikkelista, samasta syystä kuin sinä nyt kirjoitat! Huomasitko myös, että Heinoselta lipsahti lisäksi toteamus "–luomulla ja tavallisesti kasvatetuilla elintarvikkeilla–". Tällähän dosentti selkeästi ilmaisee, että luomu on jotain epätavallista! Kun taas omasta mielestäni luomu pitäisi ajatella normaalina tuotteena ja myrkytetty kasvis epänormaalina.Luuletko Noora, että Heinosen tutkimusryhmä saa sponsorirahoja Valiolta…?Viivi

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