My 3 Words For 2011 (Yeah I’m A Little Slow)

When I saw this idea floating around the Internet in January via Chris Brogan it intrigued me.

Could I possibly surmise my goals for the year with three words?

Oh yes…yes I could.

I’ve never been one to write about personal resolutions and this is a different sort of post for me, but one I think is worthwhile. Last year I really tried to focus on my personal return on investment (ROI) in terms of this space (imaginary hands encircling my bloggy home on the Internet) and my personal time in general. The older I get, and yes this may sound cliche, the more I realize that my time is my biggest asset. Am I spending it the way I want to? Am I going to look back a decade from how when my older daughter is in college (gulp) and have regrets?

It seems like when I truly focused on projects that were truly worthwhile to me last year that the investment paid off. This meant I said no to more. Now saying no is difficult for me, ya’ll. I’ve been raised my whole life to believe I can do anything. Girl power to the max! But just because you CAN do it all, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. I think this is especially hard for moms to grasp. Saying yes to everything at your child’s school or to every volunteer opportunity in your community or every extra work project is a guaranteed fast track to burnout. And believe me, there have been plenty of times where I’ve been on the verge of burnout.

Here’s the thing that I learned last year through staying focused on larger goals and saying no. By saying no more I was able to say YES to more projects that were meaningful or beneficial to me.

Crazy, I know!

So here are my 3 words that I’m focusing on for 2011 and what a great time to write about this since we’re already half-way through 2011 (see also holy crap how did that happen?!)

Realistically I’ll give myself a B- to a C+ on all these efforts. I know, I’m a work in progress. Trust me.

My 3 words for 2011 are focus, content (as in feeling general happiness and satisfaction with life, not blog content), and family.

I want to focus on the projects and things that really matter, from my own wellness and fitness to my family and projects that are really worth my while, and not be so scattered all over the dang place which is easy to do when you love the social media like I do and you are a tad ADD with shiny, pretty projects. I don’t want to spread my energy all over the place. I’ve already started this process by saying yes to fewer projects. Last year I went on several social media/brand trips, but I turned down as many requests as I accepted. Many times I’ll flag an e-mail request and come back to it a couple of days later after I’ve had time to think about it. Time management is a big challenge for me.

I want to be content. Unfortunately I am not always one to be satisfied just “being” and “enjoying” the now. I’m a go, go, go antsy pants girl and while that’s a good thing, it’s all about balance. I don’t want to overlook the beauty of today while daydreaming tomorrow. We’re still living in our starter home we bought 10 years ago after we sold our first condo and instead of dreaming of our “next” home, I want to make the most of our current home. I want to enjoy the here and now. I want to revel in the promise of today.

I want to enjoy my family. Time is flying by so quickly. My “baby” is now 6 and my first baby is 9 and about to enter her last year at elementary school. SOB! My husband is truly my best friend but lately we have become mired in the everyday stuff of daily life, from bills to grocery lists, that it’s tough to remember who “we” really are, minus all the life stuff. I want to unplug more on the weekends this summer and really relish the awesome people in my precious family. I want to be there for my girls and not be such a cranky mama.

Do you have some personal goals for 2011? Hey, we’re at the half-way point now. It’s not too late to focus, especially if you’re a professional procrastinator like me. That’s right, even slackers can focus on self-improvement.


  1. Una says:

    Somehow I learned to say no. I had the same problem before. Came one day when I saw by myself doing wrong something. Then I started to live with ‘’Enjoy this day like it`s the last one’’, so I could see more clearly my ‘’yes’’ and ‘’no’’

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