On The Day That You Were Born, The Angels Got Together And Gave Me Really Good Drugs

Miss C, August 2002 (12 weeks old)

The chunkalicious arm rolls from the summer of 2002 are, sadly, but a memory. We still have this beautiful baby quilt made by my grandmother, though.

Yesterday was my sweet girl’s 9th birthday and we spent most of it in the car, driving home from my nephew’s wonderful wedding weekend in Michigan. She got to choose where we stopped for lunch and dinner on the road, but I can tell she was a little disappointed to spend most of her special day watching DVDs in the back of the car.

We’ll be celebrating all week, I assured her, and her actual party with her friends is this Thursday.

Happy Birthday to Miss C, my beautiful girl of summer. I am so proud of you and so proud to be your mama.

Remember, you will always be my baby.

I love you. You are my sunshine.



  1. Amazi Box says:

    Cos today is your day,
    its an opportunity for u to know that
    u are special and special things are for u today,
    i wish u all the best.
    Happy birth day. Love u!

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